Dream of: 04 November 1991 (2) "Cindy Stery"

I had arrived in Columbus and was walking around near The Ohio State University. I walked into a building which seemed like a library. Inside I saw several display cases which continued small statuettes behind the glass. I looked at them for a while before I noticed some people nearby performing an oriental dance. It was the last day of the performance, and when I sat down, I saw I was the only person watching. I only stayed for a short while before going back outside and walking around again. Nearby I saw standing a woman probably in her mid-twenties. She had long, light brown hair and was extremely attractive. As I passed her, she hollered out, "Are you married?"

I turned around, walked back toward her and thought, "She must be a prostitute to be talking to me like that."

When I reached her I asked, "Why? Do you want to go home with me?"

She said, "No."

Puzzled as to why she had said anything to me, I turned and walked away. At least it had made me feel good to think she had been attracted to me. As I passed some store windows I could see my reflection in them. I was wearing a white shirt which was hanging outside of my pants. I thought to myself that it wouldn't be difficult for me to find women here if I wanted to.

The sidewalk was slushy with ice on it. I began sliding along and was able to slide quite well. After walking around the campus for a while, I thought I would walk off campus and visit Ramey. I tried to remember where Ramey lived. I thought I had a general idea and began walking in the direction where I thought he lived.

Before leaving the campus, I noticed a fellow sitting on a table nearby who was wearing a large white cowboy hat. As I walked past the fellow, I noticed he had a small Weimeraner. The man sent the dog toward me, and the dog hit its head several times against my hand. Apparently the man had sent the dog to get me to come to him. I thought the fellow might have some marijuana to smoke; but I really didn't want to go over to him. So I just kept walking.

Once I had decided not to go to the man, I was afraid he was going to tell the dog to do something to me. I hurried past some men lying on the sidewalk and headed towards a corner. The man said something to the dog, and before I could reach the corner, the dog ran up and began nipping at my feet. I thought I was going to have to fight with the dog; but as I turned the corner, the man called the dog back to him, and I didn't have any more problems with it.

As I started walking across the street, I suddenly realized I wasn't at a street crossing; a police car pull up. A female policewoman in the car signaled to me to come to her. I walked toward the car as she got out. When I reached her she told me she was going to have to give me a ticket and told me to stand up against a small wall. She said she was going to have to give me some tests to see if I were intoxicated. She then asked me to do some skipping, and so I began skipping. Then she asked me to recite the multiplication tables for thirteen. I thought that I was lucky because I had just learned those. I said, "Thirteen, thirty...," and then I stopped. I started all over saying, "Thirteen, twenty-four, thirty-six, sixty-nine."

I couldn't remember any more after that. She seemed impressed by what I had said. She then asked me if I knew who Cindy Stery was. I replied, "I just got into town about an hour ago. I've never heard of Cindy Stery. It most be somebody local because I've never heard of her nationally."

She seemed satisfied with that. She wrote me a ticket which looked as if it would be for twenty-five dollars. She tore it off and handed it to me. I thought I probably wouldn't pay it; but then I thought I might have to pay the ticket because if I were back in Ohio there might be a warrant for my arrest if I didn't pay it.

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