Dream of: 04 November 1991 "Left To Die"

I had decided to search for my brother Chris, who had left home about 2 years earlier. It struck me that in all that time I hadn't thought about him, but now, suddenly, I knew I needed to find him. I knew that by now he was probably so invalid that he could probably not even move. In a way, I thought I knew where he was.

I saw Jon and his friend Leroy one day, but I didn't think they would go with me.

Finally I left by myself, traveled a long ways, and finally reached the house where I thought Chris was. Right after I arrived, Jon and Leroy also showed up, apparently to be with me.

I walked inside the house and I found that Chris had been stuck on a small shelf about a 30 centimeters wide which was in a corner by itself. I couldn't tell whether the shelf was made of metal or wood. Finally, having been left on the shelf, Chris had just died. He was no longer here and I didn't know what had happened to him after he had died. But at least knowing that much was helping me to resolve the question of what had happened to Chris.

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