Dream of: 03 November 1991 "No Financial Problems"

I was in Rosemount, Ohio in a nice house into which my mother had moved. As I walked through the house, I noticed it was going to need a few repairs. When I reached the upstairs, I began thinking I might live in the house for a while; in fact, I might live there forever.

As I lay down on my back on a bed and continued looking around the room, my father walked in. He had also come for a visit, and it occurred to me that he also might be thinking of living there a while. I told him I was going to be staying there a while. I said something to him about having enough money to last me a while. To myself I thought I had $150, which was enough. But then I realized it wasn't $150, but $150,000. That made me feel good. It looked as if I weren't going to have any financial problems.

I stood up, and my father and I walked out on a balcony from which I could see tall buildings in the distance. I had never realized tall buildings could be seen from Rosemount. I thought the buildings must be in Portsmouth, but then I realized I was looking at a downtown area of Rosemount, an area which I had never visited. One building in particular was impressive. It was probably 30 stories tall and constructed of dull gray blocks. It was pretty. I thought I would like to go to that area to see what was there.

Continuing to look around my immediate vicinity, I realized the house I was in was connected to the house next door, and that the two houses shared the same balcony on which I was standing. I saw two open doors leading into the neighboring house. One door led to a living room and the other led to a small dining room. I watched a large brown dog walk through one door and unto the balcony. The dog seemed quite friendly.

A man in the dining room was tossing a salad in a large salad bowl. Looking closer, I realized the man was Keith Walker (a Dallas attorney). My mother and my father were both standing behind me. They still didn't know who lived next door. I then remembered I had heard that Walker was the next door neighbor. I walked in and vigorously shook his hand. I was happy to know he was going to be living next door. I knew we both had law offices in the same office building and always gotten along well together.

Walker was going to come over and meet my parents. But I walked out onto the balcony ahead of him and began talking with them. I still had some reservations about Walker. Although I liked being around him, I knew he wasn't a very dependable person. So I didn't say anything about him. One of my parents asked if Walker had been in the military service. I said I thought he had been in the marines for a couple years. My mother said she was going to reserve judgment about what kind of person Walker was. I thought that was best because he might not be the best neighbor in the world. Nevertheless I liked the idea of his living next door.

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