Dream of: 02 November 1991 (2) "True Confessions"

I apparently was at a family reunion where some members of my family had shown up. One man (about 50 years old) was there and my grandmother Leacy was there. My grandmother had gone into the house to talk with the man, and apparently he had insulted her in some way. I intended to go in and confront the man about the insult. I first asked my grandmother about the man, trying to determine how she was related to him. At first I thought I was the step-nephew of the man; but after my grandmother and I had talked, I concluded that I was actually his third cousin.

When I went in and began talking to the man, he wasn't very friendly. I tried to explain my relationship to him, but I had difficulty making it clear. I explained who my mother was, and that my uncle Ronald was her brother. I told him that Leacy was the mother of my mother and Ronald. The man was apparently the son of either a brother or sister of Leacy; or he might have been the son of someone even farther back. I thought that meant that he was first cousin with Leacy. I concluded that we were third cousins and the man agreed with that.

After going through all of that, I didn't feel like confronting the man. I thought I might just tell him he had hurt my grandmother's feelings, but I didn't even get around to that.

I walked back outside, and as I walked around, I noticed quite a few people here. I found a small garage with some people in it and I walked in. Apparently someone had lived in the garage and there was a mattress here. Someone looked under the mattress and found some girlie magazines. One was titled "True Confessions." I thought I might like to look through the magazines, but I didn't, especially since so many people were there.

I walked back outside. I soon ran into an attractive woman whom I had noticed earlier. I knew the woman loved to have sex with me. In fact, it seemed that we had recently had sex together. She had gained some weight since the last time I had seen her, but she was still attractive. I asked her if she had time for a "quickie." I knew some kind of activity was going to begin in about 10 minutes, but I thought we had enough time to go back to the garage and have some quick sex. She seemed to think that would be fine. I put one of my arms around her and we headed for the garage. 

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