Dream of: 02 November 1991 "Masters Of The Universe"

Another fellow and I were in a bedroom with a woman (probably in her mid 20s). She had long silver hair and was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I didn't think she would be interested in me, but apparently she was. When the other fellow left, the woman and I lay down on the bed and began kissing. I didn't think she was going to let me do anything with her, but she allowed me to undress her until she was only wearing bra and panties. I began feeling her breasts. I climbed on top of her, put my hand inside her panties, and felt her pubic hairs. Obviously she was going to let me have sex with her. I was amazed.


The woman and I were walking along a street, about to enter a store. I was feeling fabulous because I had been with her. But as we passed a window, I looked for my reflection in it, thinking I was about 30 pounds overweight. Since her figure was perfect, if I were going to be with her, I would need to lose weight. But when I saw my reflection, I didn't look overweight at all. In fact I even looked muscular.

Once we had entered the store, I was with Carolina instead of the woman. I felt good and thought I needed to begin doing exercises so I would feel even better. I even did some pushups here on the floor. As I exercised I realized I had an erection. I further realized I had bent my penis between my legs and inserted it about three centimeters into my own rectum. No one could see it and I didn't want anyone to know. I continued walking around the store with my penis in my rectum. It felt good, but it also felt strange. It seemed to be scratching my rectum a bit. I knew I had never had a penis in my rectum before, nor had I ever had my penis in someone's rectum. I was rather engrossed by the feeling because it was so new to me.

I finally realized we were in a new store. As I looked for a toy called "Masters of the Universe," a man brought me a box containing figures of tiny toy soldiers about a centimeter tall. All the soldiers were dressed in different space suits. I thought I would buy it, until I noticed the package was broken open, and it appeared that some of the figures had fallen out. When I brought that fact to the attention of the man, the package broke open and about 100 of the little figures fell out all over the floor. I returned the package to him, and he called someone to pick the pieces up from the floor. Then he went to look for another package. When all the pieces had been picked up but a few, a man came up with a sweeper and swept up the rest.

I had picked up two of the figures. One was blue and looked like an evil soldier. It had several protrusions from its body for arms and weapons. The other figure was yellow, and seemed to be a good soldier. It had small wings on it. One wing was broken and merely hanging on the figure.

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