Dream of: 01 November 1991 "Maturing"

I was talking with someone in the person's home in Russia. I wanted to buy something from the person. A small metal statue about 20 centimeters high was brought out. I picked it up, discovered it was quite heavy and decided it was probably made of bronze. It was peculiar. It was a man sitting in a long, slender canoe and holding paddles. I was unsure what I would do with the statue, but decided to buy it. I purchased it for a low price. I began thinking that now would be a good time to buy things in Russia.

I looked around and found another metal sculpture of a long dog about a half meter long. I picked it up, felt how heavy it was, and offered twenty-five dollars for it. The person said they would take it.

Someone then brought out something which appeared to be a wooden skateboard with a figure sitting on it. I again offered twenty-five dollars for it and a lady said she would take it. But she began looking at it and determined that it was warped. She took it back to get me another one. I then realized the woman probably manufactured the sculptures, and I might have been able to have paid less for it, perhaps fifteen dollars. I decided I needed to be more careful when I purchased the items. I still thought it was a good time to buy things in Russia and take them to the United States.

Several older people were in the room. I wanted to tell them I would come back the next day, but I couldn't remember the word for "tomorrow." I knew I used to study Russian, and suddenly the word came to me "yuri." I thought that was the word for "tomorrow" and I said, "Yuri."

I pointed to myself, trying to convey the idea that I was gong to return tomorrow, and it seemed as though they understood me.


Carolina and I were sitting in a van in a foreign country. I was in the driver's seat. I was trying to put a battery in a rather large radio which I had. I also noticed that if the wires were connected correctly on the radio, it would produce heat. I was able to get it to shoot out some heat. I finally turned the heat off, thinking it would be useful in a cold place.

We were in a city, and we could see many people pulling up in cars and going into a building. We were uncertain what we were going to be doing today. Finally a woman (perhaps 30 years old) walked past Carolina's side, backed up and told us through the open window that we should go into the building. I tried to look into the building and concluded that some kind of meeting was taking place. The woman said it was a seminar on "maturing." That sounded interesting to me and I thought we might go in. It looked as if the seminar was about to begin, and I thought I would need to park the van first. We were sitting in a place where it appeared we weren't allowed to park. I didn't want the van to be towed away while I was there.

We talked to the woman some more. She had black hair and was rather attractive. We told her we weren't sure what we were going to do. She suggested we go to a resort for skiing. I suggested she might go with us. She seemed happy and excited by the prospect. I thought to myself that that would be her reward for being so nice to us.

As I thought of all of us going skiing together, I wondered if we would all sleep in the same room. In my mind I began imagining her bringing in another man and the two of them having sex in front of us. It was an erotic scene, but I was uncertain something like that would actually happen.

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