Dream of: 31 October 1991 "Drug Smuggling"

I was watching two customs officers look through a suitcase about 60 centimeters long, 40 centimeters wide, and 20 centimeters deep which was passing through customs. The suitcase had little in it. One officer pulled a Pepsi can out of the suitcase. The officers looked at each other and decided to open the can. After the officer had opened the can and poured out some of the pop, he noticed that the weight of the can seemed unusual, as if something were inside the can. He squeezed on the can until he determined that there was a lump of something in the can. Turning the can upside down and looking at the bottom, he saw a small hole as if a nail had been driven through the can. He figured something had been stuck through the hole into the can. He finally managed to extract a small baggie containing some moist substance which the officer said was heroin. The two officers examined it more closely, talked about it and decided it was worth between one thousand and twelve hundred dollars. They said that the person who had been smuggling the drug would probably receive probation if this was the first offense. One usually didn't go to jail until the third conviction.

I thought that one thousand or twelve hundred dollars was a lot of money for a person from a poor country. Drug smuggling would never be stopped if people could make that much money for such a small amount of drugs.

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