Dream of: 28 October 1991 "Twenty Years To Begin"

In the kitchen of the 29th Street House, I was looking through the classified section of the newspaper, when I noticed an ad for a 10 meter long mobile home for sale. I contacted my father by phone and he called the owners to inquire about the price. He then told me that the owners had been offered $2,300 for the mobile home that morning by at least two different parties, but that the owners had turned down the offers. However, my father thought the mobile home could probably be bought for little more than that, and that it would be a bargain.

Since the party selling the mobile home was still on the line, I clicked my father off and began talking to a woman who lived in the house where the mobile home was being sold. I asked her if it would be all right for me to come and see the home immediately. She was unsure and said she would put her son on to talk with me. I knew the name of the town where the mobile home was contained a five letter word beginning with A. Before I had hung up with my father he had told me that the town was easy to find. I got out a map and saw that the town was in Kentucky, about a 150 kilometers west of Portsmouth along the Ohio River.

When the boy came back on the phone I could tell that he didn't really want me to come that night. It was already 10:30 and it would take a couple hours to get there. I was concerned that someone else might beat me to the deal. I asked him if anyone else was coming and he said some people were coming the following morning. Plus in the back of my mind I had the feeling that my second cousin Jeff might also be interested in the mobile home and that he might beat me down there. Maybe I could get Anderson to go with me.


I was watching a scene which seemed to be out of a movie. A black man who apparently repaired cars was looking at an antique car probably from the 40s which someone had left with him. The car had been repaired and appeared to be in excellent condition. It was obvious that the black man was thinking about taking the car for a ride, even though he knew that he wasn't allowed to do so. In fact I had the impression that he often did that with cars that he had repaired.


Several black people and I were riding in a car and sightseeing in a loop around the perimeter of Manhattan. As I looked at the tall buildings, the place seemed familiar to me, as if it were somewhere I often visited.

A black man was driving the car. When we passed a policeman he decided to play some kind of game with him. He pulled up to a section of the road where the lanes were blocked off by chains, but we were off to the side so that we could go around the chains. When the policeman appeared, we raced off. The idea was to have the policeman chase us and beat him. I saw scenes in my mind of the car racing in and out of traffic on a busy New York Street.

Finally we came to a steep hill and started speeding down it. Unfortunately my driver had been aware that there was ice on the street and it appeared to me that we were going to crash.


I seemed to be sitting on a folding chair in a small auditorium, watching a movie. On the screen was a picture of an elderly black man lying in a bed. Some people needed his assistance for something, and when they pulled the covers back, I could see that he had an erect penis which was pointed down towards his knees and which was about a half meter long. I giggled but then suppressed myself because no one else was laughing. The black man seemed to have something to do with the people that had been riding with me in the car.


I was watching an obese black woman doing a dance on a stage. She seemed as if she had been one of the people who had earlier been in the car with me. It took a moment for me to realize that she had pulled up her dark blue dress so that her pubic area was completely visible. No one in the audience, which seemed to be completely black, seemed to think what she was doing was improper. She danced and sang over and over, "Twenty years to begin."

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