Dream of: 24 October 1991 (2) "Pariah"

I was in a room which seemed to be in a library. I came across a piece of paper on which a woman had been writing. I realized the paper contained the names of the creditors of one of my bankruptcy clients. I realized three unsecured creditors were going to try to file a lawsuit against my bankruptcy client. The woman was in the process of preparing for the lawsuit. So when she was not looking, I grabbed the paper and slipped away with it. I went to another part of the library where I found some small drawers. I opened one and saw some folders inside. I stuck the paper under one of the folders.

I pulled out a folder and began looking at it. It contained some pictures of some animated cartoon characters. As soon as I had finished, the woman walked up right behind me. She was a tall attractive blonde. She asked me if I had seen her paper. I told her I hadn't seen it, and I quickly shut the drawer. She asked me to walk back over to where she had been, and I did so. To myself I was thinking that if she would put everything together, she would be able to figure out that I was the one who had taken her paper. She would be able to figure out that I hadn't had time to go anywhere else but where the drawers were, and that if she went back over there, she might find the paper in the drawer.

She and I looked around for the paper and were unable to find it. finally we had to sit down because apparently a class was going to be taking place there. We sat down until the class was over. When the class was finished, everyone stood up and started walking out. I kept my eyes on the woman, until I finally saw her walk toward the drawer. I knew she was going to find the paper. I quickly slipped out a back door.

Once I was outside, I encountered Donna. I started talking with Donna about what had happened inside, and how I felt somewhat guilty about it. I told Donna I had heard she also was somewhat of a pariah. I felt as if I were a pariah for my actions. I had heard that Donna was that way also. I asked Donna if she would like to go out with me, and it seemed as if she wanted to.

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