Dream of: 22 October 1991 "Historical Event"

I was an employee of a man who was my father. Many other people and I were working for him in a rather large building. A woman who was my mother was also working there. I walked down a hall of the building and entered a room, where I discovered some people playing cards. They were also employees of my father, and I was disgusted to find them playing cards. I counted nine people sitting here playing cards. I expressed my disgust at their doing nothing but playing cards. They acted as if they didn't have anything else to do, but I could tell they were worried I was going to report them to my father.

I walked back out into the hall where a number of people were walking around. I also noticed a small, black mouse which scurried under a door into a room.

Suddenly I realized I was in Russia. I knew I was in a time in the past. I knew that troops were going to march into this hall and that a massacre of all these people was going to take place. The troops were going to start shooting people. I didn't know from which direction the troops were going to come, but I knew it was going to happen immediately. I saw someone I knew and told the person what was going to happen. I knew because I was from the future and knew what had happened in the past.

Suddenly I saw the troops entering. They were dressed in bright uniforms and carrying rifles with bayonets attached. I squeezed up against the walls as the troops moved past in quick step in two rows, with about 10 soldiers in each row. Seeing my chance I slipped outside. Through an open window I could see back inside the building. I watched as the soldiers aimed their rifles and fired into the crowd in the hall. The soldiers fired, backed up, then fired again two or three times. Finally the soldiers turned around, and I realized they were aiming at the window where I was. I tried to duck, but one of the soldiers fired, and I felt something on top of my right shoulder. I thought a bullet had gone across the top of my shoulder without hitting me.

Suddenly the soldiers stopped, marched back outside and went right past me. As they passed me, I crawled behind a small wall. After they had passed me, I touched the top of my right shoulder and felt some blood. I realized a bullet had grazed the top of my shoulder. I stood up and with agonizing pain raised my right fist up into the air. I remarked how much I could feel the pain of what had just occurred in this historic event. I thought how it often seemed I couldn't feel things. But in this instance I could very much feel and sense what was going on. With my hand still held over my head, I toppled over unto the ground. I closed my eyes and thought about how much I was feeling the pain of this historical event.

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