Dream of: 20 October 1991 "I'm King"

I was in a restaurant in Portsmouth. Sally was also in the restaurant. She looked as if she were in her late 30s; I was about the same age. Sally wanted to know if I would drive to somewhere west of Columbus and pick up a Mig for her. I told her I only had a small car and that I thought a Mig was a whole jet; but she said a Mig was just the clear window which went over the cockpit of a jet. When I figured out approximately where the place was, I told her I could go if she would give me some notice first. I couldn't simply go the next day without any notice. If she could give me a week's notice I would be able to go.

We continued talking. I wanted to know exactly where the place was west of Columbus; but she didn't know exactly. I told her I should be able to find the place, since the state line was only 50 miles from Columbus, and the place had to be before the state line. I told her I had just been in that area a few days before. I told her I drove a rather small BMW. I didn't know if the Mig would fit. She wanted to know what kind of BMW I had. Apparently she used to own a BMW herself. I said the BMW was a 1925 model. She said, "Well, that's a three quarters."

I asked her why she called it a "three quarters." She looked at me as if I didn't know much about my own car. She said there were two kinds of people who owned BMWs. I thought she was going to say there were the people who loved BMWs, and the people who didn't know anything about them. All the while we were moving closer and closer together. I was extremely attracted to her. Realizing that she was attracted to me also, I put my arms around her, pulled her to me and began passionately kissing her. She responded to my kisses.

Over my shoulder I could see some other people who were watching us – girls who had gone to my high school with me. One was Debi. I wanted the girls to see me there because I felt so proud being with Sally. I thought to myself, "Look at me. Look at me. I'm king."

As I was kissing Sally, I was highly conscious that she was wearing a red suit which had a jacket. I could feel the cloth of the jacket; I felt so good having her next to me. Finally we broke off our embrace, stood back and looked at each other.

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