Dream of: 17 October 1991 "Inhibited Ability To Write"

Carolina and I were in a car. I had bought 10 tablets of LSD. The pills were orange and resembled tablets of Sudafed. I had already taken two pills and was starting to feel the effects, but since the effects weren't strong, I continued taking more pills. Although I also thought Carolina wanted to take one, since they weren't very strong, I kept taking them until I had taken them all. I felt the effects more and more until I began wondering whether I was going to be able to drive.

Suddenly I realized I wasn't driving, but that I was actually on skis. I was going down the side of a mountain and I felt quite exhilarated. Going down the slope at the same time that I was feeling the effects of the drug was quite exhilarating.

Carolina was still with me when I reached the bottom of the hill. We were in a forest area, and I remembered she and I were planning to camp there. There was a lake and many people. I saw a policeman and I asked him where we could camp. He said that we could go to the lake, that there were still places to camp there.

Carolina and I arrived by the lake. I had a towel which I laid down on the ground for us. I noticed that the police were putting up a rope in the area where we were and that no people were around. The police were roping off areas for people to camp. As soon as Carolina and I sat down on the towel, many people began showing up next to the lake. I was interested to see many of the women wearing bikinis. One woman even sat down in our area. She had two children, one of which was a small baby which I scrutinized fairly closely. I was bothered by the presence of the baby. Finally the woman picked up the baby, and it appeared we weren't going to have problems with it.

I gradually began feeling more effects of the drug. I began thinking this was the last time I was going to take LSD. I thought the drug might inhibit my ability to write dreams. I was beginning to think my experiences in dreams were more important than my experiences with drugs. As a result I wasn't enjoying much my experience with this drug.

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