Dream of: 15 October 1991 "Visiting A Jail"

I was in a house which resembled the House in Patriot. My mother and another woman (in her mid 30s) who was one of my relatives were there. The woman was thin and had black hair. The woman and I were sitting on a sofa and had a cover over us. I was attracted to the woman, but I didn't say anything, because I knew it wasn't proper for me to have a relationship with my relative. And I also didn't want to do anything with the woman with my mother present.

However, under the blanket, the woman began to touch me with her feet, and she even touched my penis with her foot. I knew then that she wanted to do something with me. I didn't know what to do.


I was in a field where I saw some pretty, yellow flowers which looked like daffodils. I decided to pick some flowers for my mother, but after I had picked several, I realized most flowers hadn't yet bloomed. Although they were still pretty, since they weren't opened, I decided not to take them to my mother, and I threw them on the ground.


I was walking through a large jail which I was visiting. I saw many prisoners and a few guards. One guard wanted to register me. When I said I didn't want to be registered, the guard grabbed me by the clothes so I couldn't get away. I finally screamed out that I was an attorney and that he was now going to have serious problems. Although the guard was angry, he let me go. He realized he had done something wrong.


Continuing through the jail, I reached a room full of people sitting down. Looking at them, I realized they were all guards. I walked to another room to the side and saw that it was a toilet with commodes in it. I returned to the room where the guards were. I wanted to go through the rest of the jail and visit it.

I walked out into the hall, where I saw a stair which I decided to ascend. I thought there was a section upstairs which was reserved for people who were addicted to drugs. However a person sitting at the bottom of the stairs said I couldn't go up there, that it was private. Even though I wanted to go up, I wouldn't be allowed.

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