Dream of: 10 October 1991 "Snowy Mountain"

A black-haired woman (probably in her mid 30s) and I were climbing the snowy peak of a mountain; we were just about to reach the summit. She was to my left, attempting to scale an almost vertical slab of rock and ice. I was a bit higher than she and extended my hand down to her. She grabbed my hand; she was wearing soft brown cloth gloves. I hoped the gloves wouldn't pull off in my hand allowing her to fall backwards to the depths below. The glove didn't pull off and she climbed past me, straight up the side, while I watched in amazement.


I was standing alone near the peak, noticing how the snow was melting and dripping in places. A man's voice was talking in the background like a commentator, about how the snow had been fairly deep, but now was melting.


I was on a snow-covered road a short ways below the peak; I was contemplating spending the night here. It was quiet and I was alone. It felt right for me to be here away from everyone. I had a back pack and a couple suitcases with me. I unpacked a blue sleeping bag, cleared out the contents of a large blue cloth suitcase and put the sleeping bag in it. I then lay down on the bag. Although I was barefoot, I didn't feel cold.

I was soon surprised to see a large group of warmly-dressed men and women mostly in their early twenties descending the road past me. One woman stopped and asked me if I knew where a certain place was. The name she gave sounded as if it might be a place for skiing, but I didn't know. As she turned to leave, she asked me if I knew where "Lausanna" was. I thought a moment and said I thought it was in France. She said that was right, and continued on. Realizing she had been testing me to see if I knew anything of the world, I thought I had proved that I did. However when I reflected more, I thought the city might have actually been in Switzerland.

Before the group completely passed, a second group arrived and met all around me with the first group. The people seemed cultivated and talked with each other animatedly. I somewhat wished I could be one of them. They seemed better equipped than I to be in the mountains. They each carried small backpacks which apparently contained all they needed; they weren't loaded down with extra suitcases as I was.

After they had all dispersed down the mountain, five or six more well-equipped men passed me going up the road. Again I rather wished I was with them. Being alone on the mountain would be lonely and perhaps even dangerous.

After they had passed, I noticed a ways above me higher on the mountain that a woman was sitting in a swing on a swing set. I thought I would get up and go up there. I could find a better place to camp in the snow instead of right here in the road.

After gathering my things together, I walked a short ways down the road past a bend, and saw below me a magnificent view of a green pine-covered valley with a large resort. I thought that the groups of people I had seen were foreigners who traveled to parks around the United States and saw many sights like the one below.


I was in the resort, standing at the counter in what appeared to be a crowded saloon. Not far from me was standing a small boy four or five years old whom I knew. My father appeared and talked with me about the boy, whom he also knew. My father told me he was concerned because he had once told his doctor that he had molested the boy, and he was afraid that his doctor would someday testify against him. I thought about it and concluded that he should not worry because the evidence was protected by doctor/client privilege.

My father said he had also told the doctor that I had molested the boy. That concerned me, but I told him not to worry about that either, because that evidence was hearsay and would be inadmissible. However the matter did concern me because I thought I had indeed molested the boy once, and I was worried about the consequences.

Suddenly I noticed that my backpack, which I had carried in and set at my feet, had disappeared. I sensed that someone had been watching me and had taken it when I hadn't been looking. I scrambled around the bar looking for it. I encountered some policemen in brown uniforms and enlisted their help. But our efforts were fruitless, and I finally stood bemoaning my loss, thinking of the sleeping bag and tape cassette player which I had lost. Someone who had been helping me search reminded me that I hadn't even had the back pack with me when I had entered the bar. It shook me up to realize the person was correct. How could I have been so absent-minded?

Another man began showing me two old cash registers which he wanted to sell me. One didn't work well, but the other seemed in good condition, and the drawer snapped open when I pressed the button. Some silver coins were inside. I thought the coins would come with the purchase. I also found a map of the stars and constellations which was on four or five pieces of paper which opened out together when I held them in my hands. As my eyes traveled over the constellations, I was unsure that they were all there.

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