Dream of: 04 October 1991 "Memories Of Dali"

the mind is the source of all art

As I was driving a car on a road running through a flat, unpopulated area which appeared to be in northern Ohio, I suddenly realized I had hit an animal, probably a rabbit, which escaped into the weeds. Then, realizing I had also hit a second animal, I stopped the car to see if I could find it. As I waded into the weeds next to the road, I noticed an inordinate amount of garbage scattered about, probably from the white frame house which I could see nearby. I saw a copper pot which I thought about taking, but didn't. Since I couldn't find the rabbit, I turned to leave.


I found myself in the front room of the house at which I had just been looking, and I realized George Musser (an acquaintance from teenage years from my old home town of Portsmouth, Ohio) lived in the house. That seemed strange because I remembered I had just left from another house where George lived. When I saw George, I told him I that I liked this house out here in the country. I was silently hoping he might invite me to stay for several days.

After I sat down in the living room, I noticed a large black video-cassette recorder. After I pushed a button which said "Flush," I realized the button was for flushing the toilet. George told me I shouldn't do that, and I asked him if the toilet flushed every time the button was pushed.

I thought I could live there. I could bring my foreign video cassettes there.

I realized that at least two women were in the room. No one spoke to me, but I knew the women were opera singers, and were friends of George who was an aficionado of the opera. Women opera singers always wanted to be with him. That impressed me. How I would like to live with people who loved the opera. I was sure I could develop my taste for the opera. I remembered I had recently been thinking of studying sciences, but I really believed studying opera would be better.

I remembered that Ramo Roberts (another old friend from Portsmouth) was a friend of George, and I figured if I lived there, I would see a lot of Ramo. Suddenly I saw Ramo seated next to me. Neither he nor I was wearing a shirt, and I wanted to wrestle a little with him. I saw that he appeared to be more muscular than I, and I thought about how the heroes in operas were generally muscular. I thought I needed to exercise more to develop my muscles to be more like the opera heroes. I put my arms around Ramo and wrestled a little with him. I felt spiritually close to him and I wanted to say, "I love you," but I didn't.

While George was busily preparing something in the kitchen, someone turned on a television on which an opera was playing. I was pleased when I heard the music and realized it was from Bizet's Carmen. I also recognized the woman who was singing. She had black hair, was thin, and attractive. She also was a friend of George and she lived in another of George's houses which I had also visited recently.

As I listened, I realized I didn't understand all the words of the opera. I thought I would probably need to hear it twenty times before I would understand it well. Nevertheless I began singing along. My voice was high like a woman's.


I was sitting in the living room when I realized six men all dressed the same in pin-striped suits had walked in and sat down. A woman and a boy were sitting next to one blond man. All were in good shape. Each was an artist and each had an exhibit of paintings, all six in different styles.

I felt like crying for joy when I saw the art work and I thought of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. It seemed to me that I was actually the real artist. I had been living in a cabin struggling with the meaning of art and opera. I had thought of studying science, but now I saw that the study of science had merely been an attempt to earn money. The real source was in opera.

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