Dream of: 30 September 1991 "Giving Thanks"

Carolina and I were riding in the back seat of a car which my father was driving. My mother was sitting in the front passenger seat. It seemed to be near Christmas. My mother turned around and said we all ought to be giving thanks and holding hands. Carolina was sitting on my right. My mother grabbed one of my father's hands and reached her other hand into the back seat. I grabbed it with my right hand, effectively cutting Carolina out. Carolina stuck out her lower lip as if she were disappointed, but she knew I was just kidding. I let go of my mother's hand with my right hand and grabbed it with my left hand. I then grabbed Carolina's hand with my right hand.

My mother then began reciting something. After she would recite, both Carolina and my father would repeat what my mother had said. I just mumbled it. I wasn't particularly interested in what she was saying. It seemed to me she was just reading something which she had seen written on the side of the road.

Carolina then said something about my father's being angry because he hadn't been able to go sailing in his boat. Apparently he had foreclosed on a new boat. I told Carolina not to worry about it because my father was always mad about something.

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