Dream of: 29 September 1991 "Math Class"

I was sitting in the far left corner at the rear of a classroom containing 30-40 other students. One student was sitting behind me. A few students were standing at the front of the room. All the other students, including myself, were sitting at desks.

I was hoping the professor (who resembled judge McGuire) wouldn't call on me, because I hadn't done any of the homework. In fact, I had been in school for a week or ten days, and I was almost completely lost. I hadn't been doing the homework. It was some kind of math class and it was beginning to become quite complicated. I didn't even have a book.

The teacher started the class and first called on the person at the front of the far right side of the class. I was hoping the teacher would just go down the row starting from the other side calling on people, but he might go to the extreme and start at the rear of the class on my side. I thought at least he would then first call on the person behind me. Maybe then I would at least have a chance to borrow the book of the fellow in front of me for a minute, but I thought I was probably just going to have to admit I didn't know the answer and end up looking like a fool in front of everybody. If it had to be that way, I would just have to accept it.

When the fellow at the front who was called on first didn't know the answer, the teacher didn't call on me, but called on some other people. The teacher was asking for the answers to two pages of little word problems. It turned out that many people didn't know the answers. I felt better when I saw that so many other people didn't know the answers.

Finally we took a break, and during the break I began talking on the phone with a woman whom I knew. She told me she was thinking seriously about committing suicide this very day. I knew she had quite a bit of money and was financially well off. I talked to her about the suicide. I told her that since she had made the decision to kill herself, it wasn't necessary for her to do so today. I told her she could just relax and enjoy life for a while until she finally did it. My intention was to get her to wait so I could see her and talk her out of committing suicide. After I had talked to her, she seemed to calm down. She seemed to realize that now that she had made the decision, there was no rush and she could commit the suicide whenever she wanted. I hung up, thinking I would see her later.

I had also managed to borrow the book of the person sitting in front of me. I had then made copies of the two pages which we were presently studying, so at least I had that. When we returned after the break, I quickly worked a couple problems, and realized I now somewhat understood the problems. I thought I could continue working the problems and stay one problem ahead as the class proceeded. It looked as if I might be able to get through this class without being made to look like a fool.

After we had all taken our seats, I looked at the next problem. It had to do with the number of bacilli in a plague. The problem said that after two minutes there were 20 bacilli. The problem then gave the number of bacilli after specific numbers of minutes. We were somehow supposed to compare the number of bacilli in different plagues. The professor gave us a formula for calculating. The letter "l" in the formula stood for the number of bacilli after a given number of minutes. He further explained how to solve the problem. After he explained it, I understood it and I began working it. Now it made a lot of sense. It felt good to be able to solve the problem.

As we came to the next problem, I noticed that four fellows who were smoking cigarettes had walked to the front of the room. (One fellow looked like my old high school classmate, Robert Ramey). The professor intended to use them to demonstrate some of the effects of smoking cigarettes. The professor had a large glass jar into which the four students were supposed to blow smoke. Apparently a filter in the jar was going to show the residue from the smoke. We would then use this information in solving the next problem. I thought now if the professor called on me I would at least have some kind of sensible answer to the problems, even though it might not be completely correct.

I realized I was no longer sitting in a chair, but simply on the floor. Becoming uncomfortable I stood up. Since the other four were standing in the front, I thought it would be all right for me to stand up also. In my hand I had some small pieces of paper about the size of business cards on which I had written the problems

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