Dream of: 25 September 1991 "Tawdry Movie"

Carolina and I were inside a large building which seemed like a warehouse. Different people had set up booths where they were selling things as in a flea market. But it also appeared that an auction was going to take place, and the things in each booth would be auctioned off. I recalled that once before I had attended an auction at a storage facility and had bought some things, and I thought perhaps I would again buy something. I might buy everything in a single booth.

I looked at the things in one booth mostly glassware, plates and glasses. I thought I might buy them, even though that kind of thing didn't really appeal to me. If I had enough things, I might even take them to a flea market myself to sell, even though I really didn't like the idea of doing that.

When someone said something, everyone began crowding around a particular booth. It looked as if the auction were going to begin there. Carolina walked around one side and I went around the other. But such a crowd was in the way, I couldn't get past them. I thought I might just bid anyway without even knowing what was being sold. I tried to stand on a bed to see, but I still couldn't see. When the throng finally cleared out from in front of me, I stepped down from the bed and walked over to the booth. I could see the auctioneer and I could see Carolina in a seat right next to him. She had managed to squeeze in close.

I looked over the items being sold. It wasn't completely clear, but it looked as if it were some kind of material for fabrics. There were also some small balls of cloth about the size of a person's hand. Apparently they were used for sewing so a person wouldn't stick a needle in his hand. I also noticed a lot of paper for gift wrapping. Most was pink with designs on it. I also saw some pink ribbon. It didn't look as if there were anything there which would interest me.

The booth was divided into two sections. The auctioneer finally walked over to the second section and pulled out a small silver-colored metal machine. I could tell that the machine was designed to pull nails out of wood. I realized that the things in the booth were owned by someone who remodeled old houses, and that the machinery in the booth was used in such work. As I looked at the instruments, I began thinking that if I had the tools, I would like to buy an old house and fix it up.

As I thought of buying a house, I found myself walking down a city street. I thought I might first buy one house, fix it up and sell it. Then I would buy another house.

As I walked along, I realized I was in Portsmouth. I also began thinking about homestead laws. I knew that in Texas, a person couldn't mortgage his or her homestead. But I thought it might be possible to mortgage a homestead in Ohio. So if for example I bought a house for $40,000 and moved into it, I could still go to the bank and borrow money on the house. In Texas I wouldn't be able to do that.

I had already been living in Ohio for quite a while. I thought it was time for me to take the bar exam. I was already legally able to practice law in Ohio, but I would still like to know more about the law. I had a book in front of me which had quite a bit of material about the bar exam. I thought I really needed to study more of the law in Ohio to become proficient in it. I still didn't even know the answers to some basic questions, such as homestead.

As I continued to think, I realized I was close to Gay Street. I encountered my father and we began walking together. In front of us I saw a large building on the north side of Eighth Street, across the street from the Gay Street House. We were still rather far from it. I could see that the building was made of large logs which had been laid one on top of the other. I thought if possible, I might even want to buy that building. The logs were extremely large. It looked as if the building hadn't been used in quite a while. It looked as if it were only one large room, about 15 meters long and 8 meters wide.

As we walked in the direction of the building, my father began telling me a story. He said he had met a person who had been in jail but who was now out of jail. The person had told my father that he had bought something legal from two men, one of whom was my father's father, my grandfather Cole. My father said he was completely shocked, because he had thought Cole had been dead for years. My father hadn't believed the man's story, but it had made him think that there was a possibility that Cole was alive.

As we talked, I walked into the log building. Indeed, it was just one large room. I quickly learned that my father had something to do with the building. He said he was going to leave me there for a little while and then would return for me. He also mentioned that a couple men were going to show up to work on the building. I lay down on a bed and after lying there a while, I looked up and saw that two men in their early 20s who appeared to be Mexicans had walked into the room. I stood up from the bed. I was wearing a pair of black under shorts. I also had with me a pair of blue running shorts, and I put those on.

Besides the two Mexicans, two other men were in the room. One man (60-70 years old) was a friend of mine whom I had known for a long time. The second man apparently was Cole Collier. I started to walk toward Cole, intending to put my arms around him; but then I noticed that the older man was sitting down and was apparently injured. So instead I walked toward the older man.

Before I could reach the man, I realized a dispute had arisen over some money which was also in the room. Suddenly I realized Cole was doing something that jeopardized us and that we were going to have to fight him. Cole backed up as the older man pulled out a knife and I pulled out a screwdriver. When I saw that Cole also had a knife, not wanting to be stabbed, I threw my screwdriver at Cole. The screwdriver hit Cole in the head and seemed to stun him, but he wasn't stabbed by it. I picked up a knife and threw it at him. It hit him in the chest, but it didn't stab him.

Cole then attacked the other man, and it looked as if Cole stabbed him. As the other man began stumbling back, I thought of running up to Cole and attacking him. But before doing so, I began to realize that it seemed more as if I were watching a movie than as if it were actually happening. It didn't even seem like a very good movie, but something rather tawdry. I began wondering how the movie would end. What would happen if I were to attack Cole? Or what would happen if Cole escaped? What if Cole were killed and the money were left in the room? Could I hide it some place where the police wouldn't find it and then I could come back for it later? Or could I just manage to get away with the money? I wasn't that interested in the plot, but I wondered how the movie would end.

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