Dream of: 24 September 1991 "Lions And Wildebeasts"

As I was standing in a bathroom and urinating. From where I was I could see the skyline of a city and realized it was Boston. I had been doing a lot of traveling lately, and thought I must have arrived in Boston the night before. It didn't surprise me to wake up in a strange city since I seemed to be just going from one city to the next.


I was standing outside the House in Patriot. I was bothered at the moment because I knew I was supposed to have a 10 o'clock appointment that morning with a bankruptcy client which Richhart had sent me. Since it was already about 9 o'clock, I needed to call the client and tell him I wasn't going to be able to make it.

The client was supposed to meet me at an office which I had on Fourth Street in Portsmouth (near the Ressinger House). I had the phone number of the client on my computer, but my computer was in the bathroom, and I knew Richhart was in the bathroom. So I would need for him to come out of the bathroom before I could get the phone number to call.


I was at some kind of fenced-in park where a bunch of wild animals were running around. There were lions, wildebeests and several other types of animals running in groups. Someone said that people had been shooting the animals and had killed hundreds of thousands of them last year. Nevertheless the animals were still trying to be protected.

I noticed how the lions didn't seem afraid to come close to me. Most of them were female lions. I was able to climb up on a raised platform just on the other side of the fence and look at them. At one point I saw a lion jump over the fence next to where a girl was. She screamed and the lion quickly jumped back. A man began explaining that we didn't have to be afraid of the lions unless we saw them charging. I imagined what I would do if I saw one of the lions charging right at me. If I had a gun I would probably have to use it.


It was getting closer to ten o'clock, and I knew I still needed to call the client. I saw Richhart sitting next to a door of the enclosure. I walked over to him and began explaining that I had the ten o'clock appointment. He seemed concerned. I asked him where he was sending the client, and he said he was sending him to the Dallas office. That was a relief because I thought Alcorn was going to be there. That meant I could just call Alcorn and tell him to take care of the client.

I walked into a small store and found a phone. The phone had three buttons and I began pushing them. I heard a recording come on talking about Mahatma Gandhi. I then looked closer at the phone and saw that it wasn't a phone at all. It was some kind of recording device designed to give messages when the buttons were pushed. A person standing there seemed amused that I had been fooled into thinking the device was a phone.

I put the instrument down and began looking for a phone. I finally found a phone. But just as I was about to use it, a man (about 40 years old) walked up, took the phone, and called Alcorn. He began speaking about half in French, half in English. He was a Frenchman. I thought he finally got the message across to Alcorn that the clients were coming in and that Alcorn needed to take care of them if he was going to be there.

I noticed that outside there a room which was raised up by itself on stilts. It had dark glass in its windows. I figured it was some kind of game room. I knew no alcohol was served there, but I thought a lot of men went up there and hung out during the day.

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