Dream of: 22 September 1991 "Indian God"

My father was driving a car in which I was riding. We were headed for a meeting somewhere. It had been raining, and we reached a place where water had flooded the road. When I assured my father that the water wasn't deep and that he should go on, he proceeded through it. But after we had passed half way through, I realized that water was swirling up the side of the car, and that some of the water might even seep into the car. Although we were finally able to safely pass to the other side, the water had definitely been deeper than I had expected.

As we continued along, we reached yet another place with water over the road. Fearing this water might be deeper, I told my father I would get out first and check it. I explained that I didn't mind wading into the water because I was wearing tennis shoes and my feet were already wet. Once he had stopped the car, I stepped out and walked toward the water. As I moved forward, however, before I even reached the water, I realized I was having a difficult time seeing, and I even felt as if I were blacking out; it seemed as if I were about to lose consciousness. I knew I had had this experience before, and I wondered if the problem had something to do with my diet. Perhaps I had been eating too much sugar.

Nevertheless, I continued on into the water. When I began wading through the water, I had to feel around with my feet to ascertain I was staying on the road. I was also still having difficulty seeing, and one time I almost stepped off the side of the road.

When I finally reached the other side of the water, I looked down and noticed a set of railroad tracks running right down the middle of the road. I began walking between the tracks a short ways farther, up to a small bridge. When I stepped out onto the bridge, I looked down and saw a small creek flowing underneath. But my attention was quickly drawn to something much more ominous: a huge mass of water was flowing down the side of a nearby hill toward the creek. It was obvious that when the water reached the creek and slammed toward the bridge, the bridge would be overflowed. I ran across the bridge to the other side, still having some problem with blacking out. Once I had reached the other side of the bridge, I hollered back to my father, with a weak voice due to my problem, that he should hurry and follow me.

My father quickly began driving toward me, but before I could tell exactly what happened, his car flipped over in mid-air and flew off the bridge. It looked as if the car were going to land in the water. Just as I lost sight of the car, I heard my father shout, "Help me! Help me!"

I ran toward the spot where the car had disappeared from my sight, intending to help my father. I wondered what I would find when I reached him. Would he be in water? Would I jump in and save him? As I ran, everything suddenly turned black, as if I were running through a tunnel. Suddenly, as I raced through the black tunnel, I became lucid and realized I was dreaming. I also realized that since I was dreaming, I didn't have to continue running to try to save my father. But I still wanted the dream to continue, to see what would happen. As I tried to decide what to do next, images began passing through my mind. I particularly noticed the image of a head which appeared to be an Indian god. I didn't want to awaken, but I felt myself beginning to awaken anyway.

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