Dream of: 21 September 1991 "Church On The Mountain Top"


solitude is essential

I seemed to be watching myself as I reached a secluded wooden building high on a snow-covered mountain. The building at one time had apparently been a lodge, but had been abandoned and now was little more than a barn.

In another scene, about eight kilometers away, a group of men were preparing to look for me, because they feared that I had become lost in the mountain and that I wouldn't be able to survive alone.

As I looked out one window of the building, I beheld a magnificent view below me. Part of the area was simply white snow, while part was studded with large leafless trees. I realized that most people came up here to hunt deer, and that I had an opportune position to see any deer which might appear below me.

I liked being alone, but I was also a bit concerned by the fact. As I again looked more closely at the vista below me, I noticed a large lake, and on the shore of the lake I saw a tent. Scrutinizing the view more closely, I saw several blue, gray and green tents around the lake. I could even see the silhouettes of some people near the tents, and a camper parked not far away. Obviously I wasn't alone after all.

Soon the party of men searching for me arrived. I wasn't particularly excited to see them, and I suggested that we could camp here in the building tonight. I chided them for coming to shoot deer, something I wouldn't do. I thought at least their shooting the deer would be difficult and at least they would have to travel farther away into the mountain, because the deer were obviously not going to come around here with so many people in attendance.

To my surprise, I noticed higher on the very top of the mountain a fairly large church made of either dull red bricks or large rocks. As I looked up at it, I asked someone if the church were open and if I could go up and sit in it. I was told it was open, and I began walking up the steep steps toward the church. As I did, I began crying rather profusely. Crying felt good, but I hoped no one would see me.

On my right I came to a ledge which fell precipitously to a valley far below. It was so far down, I thought someone could hang glide off the ledge or even jump off in a parachute. But there was also much wind, which I thought might cause problems. Looking out though, I thought I saw people floating in the air. They didn't appear to be wearing any parachutes and they obviously weren't hang gliding. They didn't appear to be concerned as they floated along.

Dream Commentary of June 24, 2015

The people floating in the air remind me of internet dream-journalists. Within the world, we internet dream-journalists are a separate group who generally believe in the power of dreams. Some of us, myself included, radically believe that this power originates directly from God, that God is the creater of all dreams, the so-called Dream-Maker, the Holy Ghost.

Dream Commentary of June 20, 2015

A Dream-Journal dream-journalist recently stated in a dream that he thought all churches were stupid. Another dream-journalist expressed in a comment to her own dream how much she disliked churches.

Churches often appear in the dreams of Dream-Journal dream-journalists. The church in dreams is a symbol. For me personally, the symbol of the church has been far more powerful than I would have thought if I had not been recording my dreams throughout my life.

I also believe that churches are stupid in certain ways.  The wise, however, will seek to understand the church. I also generally dislike going to church, yet find the interior of a church to be refreshing. I suppose I could almost say these same things about the Dream Journal. I find some of the people on the Dream Journal to be stupid, yet I seem to perceive a certain wisdom there. Painful effort is sometimes required to tune into the Dream Journal, but the experience is usually refreshing,

we experience the voice of God in our dreams

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