Dream of: 20 September 1991 (3) "Head Of Christ"

I was in a college which reminded me of Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was going to be a full time student and this was my first day of classes. My first class had about 100 people in it. It seemed everyone in the first class would go to the second class, except the second class would be divided into two sections, with people whose last names began in the first part of the alphabet in one section and the others in the second section. The second class was going to have something to do with Sears and with marketing.

The teacher was a young woman (probably in her early 20s). Instead of starting the class, she just sat at her desk waiting to see if more people would show up. Finally she asked if anyone else was going to come. Since it seemed no one else would be coming, she finally started with the class. I sat thinking about the classes I would be taking. It seemed as if I would be taking three classes in a row today. I had a choice on the third class: either I could take another class in marketing, or I could take a philosophy class in ethics. I had originally signed up for the philosophy class, but now I was thinking about changing to something else.

Between classes I went to the basement, where I found a section where some art works by students were being sold. I had recently been in a college where I had been impressed by the art works of some students. I looked through some paintings, noticing some were priced as low as $9. 

More objects were sitting on a table. I picked up a small, black, steam train engine, about the size of my hand. I turned it over in my hand, looking at it rather carefully. It was made of wood and was priced at only about $10.

I picked up what appeared to be two thin pieces of boards put together like the covers of a book. I opened it up and saw two mirrors inside, one on each side. One was smaller than the other. The smaller one was about 10 centimeters tall and the large one about 20 centimeters. The smaller mirror had a design over it. I looked in the larger mirror and clearly saw my reflection. I thought I might be able to set it somewhere and look into it occasionally. I closed the board and saw on the cover a picture of the head of Christ.

I picked up another object, a sculpture about 10 centimeters tall. It had four men -- two kneeling, two standing -- with their intertwined arms reaching upward in the same direction. It looked as if they were reaching for a crown or a crown of thorns, but they reminded me of the style of Russian sculptures of working class people. At first I thought the figures had been sculpted, but then I realized they were made of a dull green plastic. I liked the sculpture nevertheless.

I opened the two boards, put the sculpture inside, and closed them. Having decided that I was going to buy them both, I took them to the counter where I saw a fellow who was in one of my classes. I hoped he wouldn't think I was religious because I was buying something with Christ's head on it. I was only buying it because there was nothing else, but he didn't seem to notice.

The total price was $21. As I was still counting out the money, the guy behind the counter grabbed the money out of my hands. All together he took $30. As he took it, he said, "twenty ot," and came back with change for $21. When I told him I had actually given him $30, he seemed confused and returned to the cash register.

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