Dream of: 20 September 1991 (2) "Porque Quieres Amarme"

I arrived in a house which reminded me of the House in Patriot, which was inhabited by Mireya (a Dallas acquaintance) and her husband. I walked through the House, realizing the House had been expanded to include rooms on one side which had never been used before. As I walked through the gigantic house, I didn't encounter any people, until I finally encountered a person in one room and a black man and a black woman in another room. I said hello to them and moved on.

I had noticed a hole in the floor in one room and a hole in the wall in another room. The black man worked on the house and I figured he would be repairing the holes. I thought I might even help him repair the hole in the floor. The hole was caused by a portion of one of the tongue-and-groove boards in the floor being missing. I recalled I had recently had a dream in which I had seen a missing board like that. I had thought the message of the dream had been that I needed to fix the hole in the floor.

As it grew late, the house began filling up with people looking for places where they would sleep tonight. Eventually I met several different women, and realized I could sleep with any of them if I wanted. I finally decided on one of them and we walked around looking for a place to sleep, but had difficulty since all the places seemed taken. Finally I saw a spot on the floor on the other side of a large dining table. I remembered that I had a car outside and that I had a blue sleeping bag in it. I told the woman to wait while I went out to get it.

Outside I encountered another woman (probably in her late 20s) whom I had met earlier, and I suddenly remembered I had promised her I would sleep with her. She was thin and not terribly attractive. Yet something about her appealed to me. When she approached me, she at first seemed happy, but suddenly she seemed to sense something was wrong. All at once she realized I was going to sleep with another woman tonight. Seeing her run from me, I gave chase. All the while, I was trying to decide if she was the one whom I cared for. I was beginning to think so. It seemed as if I cared more about her. And she seemed to cherish me.

I caught her near a small building, where I found her speaking some foreign language I had never heard, almost as if she were chanting. She was clearly extremely angry. I decided I was going to have to go back and tell the other woman I wouldn't be able to sleep with her because I wanted to be with this woman. Finally I spoke to her in Spanish about why she was acting like she was. I asked her if she was doing it because she wanted to hurt me or .".. porque quieres amarme."

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