Dream of: 20 September 1991 "Ambushing The Enemy"

I was watching a scene which seemed both as if it was a movie, and as if it was a story which I myself was composing. I could see a group of young soldiers, apparently new recruits, out on patrol in an area near some enemy troops, who seemed to be Orientals. The soldiers were sent in groups of two into a jungle to search for the enemy. I watched one group enter the jungle and then go into a craggy cave. They continued going through the cave until they came to an opening on the other side. When they looked out the opening, they could see enemy soldiers. At the same time the enemy soldiers saw the two recruits. There were so many enemy soldiers that it was obvious that the two young men would be overwhelmed if they fought, so they retreated back into the earth.

Inside the cave they couldn't see well and had to feel their way along over craggy rocks. As I seemed to be composing the story, I imagined what would happen if they were in there for several days. I imagined what it would have been like had it been a man and woman who were in love with each other in the cave. What would have been their reactions in battle?

I imagined that the two soldiers stayed in the cave for four or five days, and that they had some food to live on. They also had some means of communicating with the rest of the troops. Finally they did emerge from the cave in a location behind the enemy lines, at a time when the enemy was attacking the rest of the troops. They were in a strategic position from where they could ambush the enemy from behind. They had grenades and guns with which to open fire. Hopefully their own troops would realize what was transpiring and they wouldn't try to shoot them. If successful, they should be able to win the battle.

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