Dream of: 18 September 1991 "Evicted From The Attic"

It was 1 or 2 a.m.; I was sleeping in a bed at the far end of the attic of the Gay Street House. When I heard someone coming up the stairs, I looked and saw my father and his ex-wife Kay approaching my bed. My father spoke, saying that I wasn't going to be able to stay there any longer. I stood from the bed, wrapping a red cover around me, completely naked underneath. My father also said he was going to try to have me committed to a mental hospital the following day.

Both surprised and angered, I told him I would leave immediately. However I was uncertain where to go. My old 1980 gray Honda Prelude was parked in the parking lot behind the House, but the battery was dead and I knew getting a jump at that time of night would be difficult. I could possibly go to a motel. I didn't have much cash, but I did have a credit card.

I walked downstairs to the second floor and saw that the house was full of people. I continued trying to decide where to go.

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