Dream of: 17 September 1991 "Outdoors Theme"

As I hastened through a residential area, I cut across the green yard of a small cottage. Something about the little house intrigued me and I stepped up on the porch to look through the windows. On the porch, as I pulled a brass key from my pocket, the key flipped from my hand onto the sill of a window just above my head. I reached up and began feeling around for the key, thought I found it and pulled it down. I discovered I had a key all right, but not mine. I felt again and pulled out yet another and another key from the window sill, but none were mine. I continued pulling out key after key, finally realizing that someone had been storing their keys there. In fact it even seemed as if old keys had been plugged into the window sill to help keep out the air.

There were many different sizes and colors of keys. One key was long and silver, obviously a car key. I found the keys interesting, and thought I might keep them. But then I heard my step-grandfather Clarence say that the keys needed to be put back. I realized he lived in the house and he didn't want to let the keys go. I spread them out beside me, and looking at them closer, realized they were actually tiny watches. I picked one pretty one up. It had pretty red porcelain around its outer rim. I held it to my ear and confirmed that it was ticking. Another larger one looked more like an alarm clock. I wound it up and it expanded into a type of small carousel, which I sat down and watched go around. But it appeared to be running to fast and I knew it wouldn't last long.


I was in a small store which opened onto the street. My grandmother Mabel was with me, and she pointed out a used bed which the man in the store, who was a lawyer, was selling. She said he only wanted $220 for it, and she asked if I was interested. Along with the bed was a table and chair. I looked at them, but wasn't at all interested. First I didn't want to buy a used bed, and second, I didn't even know where I was going to be staying.


I was walking down a street which seemed to be in Portsmouth, but which I realized was in Gallipolis. I had been considering moving back to Gallipolis. I thought what it would be like if I handed out business cards. Other attorneys would think I was a rank novice who had moved into town. But I thought I had a right to be here. After all, it was where I had been born. I knew I didn't know anyone in Gallipolis but that didn't bother me. In fact I liked the idea of being incognito. I could always look up my first cousin Jimmy and go to a bar with him looking for women. If we got in a fight I knew he would be strong and I would be able to handle myself, even though I wasn't accustomed to fighting.


I was in a clothing store where I saw racks of sweat shirts. A young fellow who was a clerk was showing the shirts to another fellow. The clerk asked the fellow some questions and then looked for a shirt with designs to match that person's personality. For example he noted that the customer wasn't "well-traveled." I thought if I would get a sweat shirt it should reflect that I was well-traveled.

Another clerk walked up to me and seemed to already know what design would be appropriate for me. He pulled out a sweat shirt with the outline of the face of an American Indian on the front, as well as about 100 smaller designs which were difficult to discern. It definitely had an outdoors theme, and I at least could see a picture of a buffalo. It was colorful with red and blue. He pulled out a second one with more green colors but with the same designs. I strongly considered buying one.

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