Dream of: 14 September 1991 (2) "What Would God Say?"

I had met a fellow (around 20 years old, the same age as I) and had brought him home to stay in the house where I was living with my family. After the fellow had lived with us a while, I realized he was an evil spirit. For the protection of my family, I needed to force him to leave. Although I knew he would probably seek revenge, I evicted him from the house.

I walked up to a small second-floor bedroom where my brother Chris (about 10 years old) was staying. Due to his illness, Chris was confined to the bed. I discussed with Chris the problem which I was having with the evil spirit. Chris, already aware of the situation, talked about what the evil spirit would probably do now that I had evicted him. I was particularly concerned about what would happen to Chris if the evil spirit returned I didn't want Chris to be alone if a battle broke out in the house. But since I needed to go back downstairs, I asked Chris if it would be all right if I left him (Chris) alone for a little while, and then returned for him later. He said it would be all right. I intended to come back up for him as soon as I could.

As soon as I reached the first floor, I began looking for my father and my mother. Since they still didn't know the fellow I had evicted was an evil spirit, I decided to disclose the fact to them. First I found my mother and told her about the evil spirit. She immediately led me into a small room where my father was seated. I stood in front of him and told him I had to make a "confession." He seemed to have sensed something had been wrong and he wasn't surprised to know I had something to confess. As he sat up, I told him that the man I had evicted was an evil spirit, and that I expected the man to return and attack the house.

No sooner had I finished talking than we heard a pounding on a blue door in the room. The door, which led to the outside, was locked and it hadn't been opened in ages. I immediately knew the evil spirit was on the other side of the door. As the pounding intensified, I could see the door was about to break down. And then it happened the spirit broke through the door into the room and the battle began.

The spirit and I began fighting. In the midst of the fray, I managed to break away and raced upstairs for Chris. I found him watching a television, on which he was apparently able to view at least some of the action taking place downstairs. I also watched the television for a moment before scooping Chris up in my arms. I carried him out of the room and to the top of the stairs. As I began descending the stairs with Chris in my arms, I realized that although he was almost completely disabled physically, spiritually Chris was probably the strongest person among us. He would be invaluable in the battle against the evil spirit.

When we reached the downstairs, we didn't return to the same room where I had been fighting the evil spirit. Instead I walked into a larger room, where not just one, but a half dozen or more different evil spirits were waiting. One of the evil spirits was a shabby girl (about 13 years old) with stringy brown hair. Besides the evil spirits, several other people were in the room. I didn't recognize any of them, and I was unsure whether they were real people or other unearthly spirits. But at least I perceived they weren't evil.

As I prepared for battle with the evil spirits, I realized the consequence of losing could be severe pain and torture for me. But I also realized I would be able to endure anything, because I knew I was on God's side. In fact the entire conflict now resolved itself in my mind as a life and death struggle involving God.

Before fighting with the evil spirits, I decided I should first try to reason with them. I looked at them and posed what I thought was the central question: what would happen to them when they died? I shouted to them several times, "What would God say? What would God say?"

I thought if I could just convince one of the evil spirits in the room to change sides, it could make all the difference in the battle. As I struggled, I began to realize one of the evil spirits, a black-haired man (perhaps 30 years old) was more thoroughly grounded in evil than the others. In fact he seemed to have a different origin and nature than the other evil spirits, and I concluded that unlike the others, he was already dead. I also concluded that he was the master of the other evil spirits, and that redeeming him would be close to impossible. However, it might still be possible to turn some of the others to my side. I shouted out to the others that the black-haired spirit was their master, a fact that the others didn't even seem to realize. The black-haired spirit seemed to hold a spell over them. I also came to realize the black-haired evil spirit himself had a higher master, and I shouted to him, "Who is your master?"

He didn't reply. But I definitely sensed a more powerful spirit controlled him, a spirit which hadn't yet made its appearance. I was uncertain the more powerful spirit would appear.

As we stood in the room, I pondered how to proceed in the battle. I knew of several different methods, and decided on one. I decided everyone in the room should hold hands in a circle. We would then move in a circle while singing a song like "Ring around the poesy." In the weltering swirl which would follow, the battle would be decided.

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