Dream of: 14 September 1991 "Classic Vision of Hell"

I was standing in the street in a place which reminded me of Patriot. An alarm had been raised and someone was rushing through the street calling people to arms. Rather, the person was calling countries to arms, for it seemed that different countries maintained residences along the street. At the end of the street was the Netherlands, which I soon saw was represented by a group of soldiers marching up the street toward me in procession, all singing the United States Marines marching song.

From two directions came teams of white horses, and I soon realized they were almost upon me and I had to move to avoid being trampled.

As the throngs assembled in the intersection around me, I came to realize that the alarm had been raised to find a person who had already murdered several people, and who was still busy doing the same. In fact, near me, I saw one victim who had some fiery, molten substance poured over him, and who was staggering through the street. On a little knoll behind me I caught sight of another person rolling on the ground in some kind of agony. I had a dim awareness that the evil person causing the carnage was somewhere nearby.

As I looked further, it seemed that I saw a classic vision of hell. Thousands of people were walking in some hot liquid that reached to their knees. All were in pain and continually moving. As I noticed some particularly attractive women in the crowd, I realized what added to the pain: everyone hated everyone else. Although everyone needed solace and friendship, no one could receive it from anyone here. The peoples' faces were contorted with anger and pain, and even though they were so crowded together they were bumping into each other, no one could seek comfort from anyone else. It anguished me to view the scene; the thought of spending eternity in such a place was frightening.

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