Dream of: 12 September 1991 (2) "View Of Central Park"

I was in New York City where I was planning to visit Weinstein. I reached the tall apartment building where he lived. It abutted right on the street. Right next to the building was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the other side of the street was Central Park. It must be nice to live right next to an art museum and have a view of central park.

I walked up to the front door and used the speaker device to call Weinstein's apartment. Instead of Weinstein, someone else answered. Apparently Weinstein now had a room mate. The fellow said Weinstein wasn't there right now. He said if I would wait for about an hour, Weinstein would probably be back. I waited for quite a while in front of the door until I finally decided to walk on. After I had walked for a short ways, although I had thought Weinstein's apartment was on an upper floor, I was able to see Weinstein's apartment, and looked through the window. I saw Weinstein inside seated at a desk. He reminded me of my grandfather Liston. I felt upset he would have left me waiting outside while he had been in the apartment. Disgusted, I thought I would just go on. However, I might leave something behind just to let him know I had been here. I might stick my keys in his mailbox. But then I thought that was the last set of keys I had, and I needed them. I would probably just go on without leaving anything behind. Obviously he didn't care anything about seeing me.

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