Dream of: 12 September 1991 "Lowery"

I was sitting in the rear of a large classroom containing about 50 students; Alcorn was sitting in front of me. The class dealt with bankruptcy law. A man (about 30 years old) dressed in a black suit was the professor. He walked around the room and asked questions. Although it was a class, the cases we were dealing with were real ones, and the professor seemed like a judge. After several other cases were handled, attention was turned to some cases on which I was working. I had three bankruptcy cases in which motions to lift stay had been filed. The same attorney had filed all three motions. Although I had talked with the attorney and reached an agreement, we hadn't put it on paper yet.

After calling my name, the judge went to the blackboard; I thought he was going to write the agreed order for the motions in my cases. I called out and said I was the attorney for the respondents. I said, "I and the attorney for the movant have reached a tentative agreement."

Since the agreement hadn't be written down, I thought we would pass the case and present it at the next session probably in about a month. When I told the judge, he seemed to think that would be appropriate. He then asked me a difficult question which I answered. He then asked me if I thought my clients should be playing "lowery" until the next session. Embarrassed, I answered, "To tell you the truth, I just don't know what that is."

He smiled as hands shot up all around the room from people who wanted to answer the question. I felt rather stupid; I recalled that I had recently made mistakes in other classes when I hadn't known the answers to questions. Alcorn turned around; he knew the answer. I quickly asked him and he told me that "lowery" was for paying rent on the land, and the other term referred to payments for water while people were still living on the land. I thought to myself that if I had known the meanings of the words I would have replied that my clients should not be paying them in the meantime.

When the class finally ended and people began to leave, three attractive women (each about 20 years old) walked over to me and stood in front of me. I recognized them as having been my classmates for a while. When they all acted nice to me I said, "Well then you obviously want some money."

One woman wrapped her legs around my right knees.

It turned out they did want some money; they were collecting for a charity. I thought I would give them $10 just to get rid of them. I might even write them a check for $25, but I thought I would probably just give $10.

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