Dream of: 09 September 1991 "Paying Taxes"

As I was listening to two persons talk about taxes, I heard one of them say that my father paid more taxes than anyone else in his district. Afterwards I began talking with my father, who told me that in fact he only paid $200 in taxes in the past year. I wondered how the people I had overheard had been able to claim that my father paid so much for taxes if he in fact paid so little. I told my father that I had been paying thousands of dollars in taxes; he didn't think I needed to be paying so much. I didn't see how that was possible. I told him I had read many legal cases about people like he, who had evaded paying income taxes, and then had ended up losing everything, finally living in the street. Besides there were records of everything I had earned, and I didn't see how I could avoid paying my taxes.

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