Dream of: 04 September 1991 "Drumsticks"

I was sitting on the floor of a room where I had just finished making a collage which I was going to give to Weinstein. When Weinstein entered the room, I showed the collage to him. It was oval, about a half meter tall and a third of a meter wide; it appeared to be mounted on a piece of wood which was a section from the trunk of a tree. It contained only pictures from Portsmouth High School. As we laid it on the floor and looked at it, one large picture in the middle started to wrinkle. Running my hand along the picture and pressing it, some white glue came out the edge. Somehow I managed to slightly tear the picture and I decided not to do anything else with it.

The pictures I had used were of people who had appeared in the high school yearbook in the sections where they had participated in activities or had had their pictures taken for some special reason. I noticed this was only a small percentage of all the students who had gone to high school. Of the two junior high schools (Grant Junior High and McKinley Junior High) which had been represented at my high school, most pictures were of students from McKinley and triflingly few from Grant. I only noticed pictures of the three pretty cheerleaders who had come from Grant, including Myers. I told Weinstein the collage would have been more representative if I had used the small graduation pictures which appeared in the yearbook, which included everyone.


I was looking at a short film from which I thought I had taken the pictures for the collage. The film had been taken at the high school homecoming football game. I tried to remember who my high school had played at homecoming, and whether my school had won; but I couldn't remember, although it seemed to me we had lost. Weinstein, who was surprisingly handsome, and was a teenager, was also on the film. The film showed him furtively pulling a tambourine out of his pants. I thought that particular picture would be a good one for the collage.

The film then focused on a young fellow sitting behind an attractive female teacher. When the teacher jumped up to cheer for the team, her dress raised up so her butt was clearly visible. The young fellow began pulling a pair of long white drumsticks out of his pants. I commented to Weinstein (who was watching the film with me) that I didn't know that that teacher had been "fucking " anyone while we had been in school. Weinstein told me to be still, because apparently his mother was in the next room. I went on to talk about how the boy's pulling the drumsticks out of his pants was obviously symbolic for his having sex with the teacher.

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