Dream of: 02 September 1991 "Found Wallet"

I was running along a dirt jogging-trail when I realized I had just passed some objects lying on the ground, and I backed up to look at them. I found a small black leather wallet which was stuffed full of something, as well as a silver pocket watch. I quickly scarfed up the goods and continued on. A few minutes latter I passed the same spot and noticed more objects lying there. I was uncertain whether I had missed them the first time, or whether someone had returned looking for their things, bent over, and dropped some more things. This time I found a gold and silver wrist watch similar to my own, a gold pen and a black pen, and a silver cigarette lighter. I picked them up quickly, hoping no one would return while I was here, and I left.

Once I had found a safe place, I opened the wallet, thinking it might be full of money. But realizing we were in some kind of vacation area, I anticipated it would have travelers checks which I wouldn't be able to use. To my disappointment it contained less than $20 in cash. There was a secret compartment which contained numerous papers. A block of square white note papers was in it, and that was what had caused the wallet to look so full. I also found several checks, one for $93,000, which had apparently been written by the owner of the wallet and not yet sent. I found a letter on which a name, something like "The Dallard Company" was written at the top. It was to be sent to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee in that state and was a proposal to supply drinking water to chapter 13 meetings. I concluded that the owner of the wallet was in the business of selling drinking water, and that he was quite good at it.

I thought about I was going to do with the wallet. I wanted to keep the money and everything else, but return the wallet and its contents to the owner. I thought I might get a message to the owner telling him where the wallet could be found. I could be sitting nearby to see that it was found. If anyone asked me about it, I could deny knowing anything. Or I could simply send it to the owner by mail.

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