Dream of: 31 August 1991 "Hunting Trip"

I was watching a man drive a car in which his 12-13 year-old son was sitting with him in the front seat. At the same time, I also seemed to be the son, having the son's experiences. Against the boy's will, the father was taking him on a hunting trip. Not only did the boy not want to go, but he was terribly frightened by the entire experience. The fear was greatly compounded when the father began driving at high speed over mountainous roads covered with snow and ice. The boy sat petrified as the father raced along slippery curves looking out over steep overhangs, and up and down valleys and hills. The amazing part was that the car stuck to the road and didn't slide off on the ice.

Finally, at night, they arrived at a secluded cabin in the forest. When they pulled up, the lights of the car shown on the cabin, and showed standing in front of the cabin a large moose with enormous antlers. The boy almost instinctively knew that this was the kind of animal the father wanted to hunt and kill. But the boy also knew the father wouldn't shoot that particular moose because it was forbidden. The hunting would have to take place on the other side of the mountain, probably the next day.


Jon, several other people and myself (all of us probably in our 30s), were staying in a cabin in the woods. Something about the place made me somewhat apprehensive, and everyone became alarmed when we saw the lights from an approaching car. Since the cabin was located at the dead end of a little road, the person driving the car had to be coming to the cabin. We all feared threatened by the new arrival and I immediately asked Jon where the guns were. He pointed out a small table which had a drawer in it. I opened the drawer and pulled out two hands guns, one large and unwieldy, the other more manageable. I then walked out onto the porch with a gun in each hand, like a cowboy in a western. By now, the car (which I sensed had been driven by a woman) had turned around and left. I was relieved, but still thought I needed to keep the guns in case someone returned. I thought I would keep the manageable gun in my back pocket, and put the other one where I could get it if I needed it.

I returned alone to the living room and sat down. Across from me I saw two pictures on a shelf, each of the face of a person. I pointed my gun at them and pretended I was shooting them. What was I going to do while I was here? Looking around, I was flattered to see that Jon or someone had hung one of my old, unfinished collages on the wall. The collage had been done on a black background and contained perhaps 50 pictures pasted in seemingly random order. It was colorful, and contained many pictures of peoples faces. I also noticed on it a picture which seemed to have been taken from a religious scene which showed two people wearing flowing garments standing next to each other. I had made the border of the collage jagged, apparently planning to later saw off the rough edges. A large portion of the picture was left unfinished.

It occurred to me that I had some folders containing pictures I had categorized in different groups here in the house with me, and that in the car I had brought my large box of loose collage pictures. Thinking I might like to make a collage while here, I retrieved the box from the car, and began spreading the pictures from it, as well as the folders, over the floor. Jon walked in, saw what I was doing and seemed to approve. I hadn't made a collage in such a long time it was difficult for me to think what it would be about, but I vaguely thought it might have some religious context, and an extremely vague idea of a cross seemed to be surfacing in my mind.


I was standing near a small stairs with a railing, talking with Jon. It appeared three men and two women were in the cabin, and it seemed there might even be a possibility that some wife-swapping would take place. Since Carolina wasn't with me, I was the odd man out, and I thought I wouldn't be able to participate. At the same time it seemed that the three men and one of the women, who was an attractive blonde, and who was standing near Jon and me, might drive somewhere together. The question was whether we should take the woman with us. I liked her and said, "She can be trusted." I thought she and I would probably sit in the back seat together.

It also seemed that Jon's wife, who looked just like Peggy Bundy (the character played by the actress Katey Sagal in the television series "Married With Children"), was going to be left in the house with two men. In my mind I imagined a scene where the two men were in an muddy arena, wrestling to see who would get to be with her. She was reveling at the sight of the contest.


I was in a car which Jon was driving. We were crossing over a large bridge which although I didn't realize it at the time, resembled a bridge I had recently been on in Seattle, Washington. We were creeping along and should have been in first gear, but Jon apparently was driving in third gear. When I pointed it out to him he shifted to first. A line of cars was in front of us waiting for the red light to change. Finally it did and we moved a little faster.

Looking out the window I could see a lake far below us, and I was surprised to also see on the shore several alligators. They were so unusual looking I had to point them out to Jon and ask him if they were alligators. He saw them and confirmed that they were. Two were round instead of long, and one round one also had a long snout.

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