Dream of: 30 August 1991 "Court Appointments"

Some other lawyers and I were sitting on the floor in the hall in front of the doors of a courtroom in a courthouse. We were all waiting for court appointments to represent criminals in criminal cases. I contemplated how it had been a long time since I had done any court appointments. I was surprised to see so many lawyers here - whom I used to know - still doing the same thing after so long.

Another lawyer sitting next to me and I began noticing just how many lawyers were here from Baylor Law School, especially from the class in which I had studied. The fellow with whom I was talking was from Princeton, and he was the only one here from Princeton. It seemed to me that the presence of so many people here from my class at Baylor was a negative commentary on my law school class.

A woman who wanted to go into the courtroom walked up. I was now lying down, and she lightly stepped on the middle of my chest. When I looked up, I was surprised to see she was Mary (a former junior high school classmate). She just stood there. When I looked up, I was able to see her panties. I talked with her, telling her it was all right for her to just stand there and let me look at her panties. Although she seemed unabashed, she finally moved on.

I was wearing corduroy pants, and I noticed that quite a few people lying around out there seemed to be wearing corduroy pants. Some pants had pieces of lint on them - in general the people here seemed unkempt.

Looking to my right, I noticed a woman with frizzy hair who resembled my good Dallas-friend, Eloise LaGrone. Wanting to talk with Eloise, I stood and walked over to her. When I reached her, however, I discovered that she wasn't Eloise, but another attractive woman who was sitting in a tall chair. I would have liked to have talked with her, but since I didn't know her, I walked on by.

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