Dream of: 29 August 1991 (3) "Llenado De Luto"

I was in charge of a large hall with about 20 people dining at different tables. One of my responsibilities was to provide entertainment for the others. However I hadn't fulfilled this obligation. Some of the people at the tables began singing and playing music. At the end of the hall was a loudspeaker on which I controlled the volume. As different people would sing and play music, I would increase the volume so they could be heard. Most people here spoke Spanish and the singing was also in Spanish. As one woman began singing the song "Tu, solo tu, has llenado de luto mi vida...," I turned up the volume for her.

The affair lasted from about 6 p.m. to around 9 p.m. I noticed no one was leaving and everyone seemed satisfied with what was going on. There was also a dance floor, but no one was dancing. However I did notice that some people had moved some tables out onto the dance floor and it appeared they might be going to dance. I even thought I might go on to the floor to dance a Spanish dance to get things started.

I recalled that I had recently been at a similar event where I had been a guest. But I had left early from that affair. I thought that had been rather impolite of me. All these people, by staying, were showing that they were enjoying themselves. I now wished I hadn't been so impolite and left early from the other event.

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