Dream of: 29 August 1991 "Deed Records In Church"

spiritual wealth can also be accumulated

 Jon (a Weatherford, Texas lawyer whom I first met in 1981 when we began law school together) and I were in a car over 150 kilometers from home. We were heading for some small counties where we hoped to find some houses which were about to be foreclosed. As we rode along, Jon commented how he didn't like to go to the same places every week and pass the same scenery. We were now on a road which neither of us had ever traveled before, and we were passing some spectacular landscapes with hills almost as high as mountains. I pointed out to Jon the craggy boulders sticking out of the hills, and he seemed as impressed as I by the scenery. In fact we were so impressed we forgot our purpose for being there. Suddenly Jon pointed out on the map that we had already passed two or three counties and we hadn't stopped at the court houses.

I looked at the map and tried to figure out which road we could take to hit the county seats. I saw a green line on the map which I thought represented a four-lane highway and I thought we might be able to take it. I realized we were close to the county seat of a county. Now, however, we were in an airplane instead of a car. We began circling in toward where we wanted to go, and we landed in a large, beautiful cemetery filled with large old black gravestones.

Once we had landed, we stepped out of the plane and walked around. I noticed several small statues in the cemetery, two of which were of squirrels. We walked into a building located in the graveyard. The interior of the building seemed somewhat like an old but well-maintained church. It was in this building where we thought the deed records were kept and here we would be able to determine if any property was going to be foreclosed.

As soon as we walked in, a man (probably in his mid 60s) walked up to us and pulled out a ledger which apparently contained a list of the properties in the county which were going to be foreclosed. He was helpful enough, but he seemed a bit cantankerous. When he asked us why we wanted to see the ledger, we told him we were interested in buying some property at foreclosure.

I wondered what he thought of that, and whether he doubted we had enough money to buy any property. I knew that we could and that we both had quite a bit of money. In fact, I thought we had arrived in a large blue Cadillac, and I thought the man would be impressed if he were to look out and see the Cadillac.

Jon and I began looking through the book. I first noticed each piece of property had a number beside it. Although the numbers could go as high as 17, the highest number we saw was 15. The number on each property stood for two things. First, the number stood for the type of bankruptcy a person who owned the property could file. Second, the number stood for the loan value of the property. The higher the loan-value number, the more the property was worth.

We focused in on one house on a piece of property which had a bit of information written about it. I saw that the house had an office in it which rented for more than $4,000 a month. The residence part of the house also rented for $4,000 a month. So the total rent was $8,000. That seemed to me like a lot of money. I thought we might be interested in buying that house.

Looking around, I noticed two black men standing nearby. It took me a while to realize that one of the two black men had actually accompanied me here and entered the building with me. Since we were so far out in the country, I thought black people were probably treated differently out here. Since the one black man had come with me, however, I thought he would be treated the same way he would be treated in the city.

I also noticed an old water jug sitting nearby. I would have liked to have had some water, and I thought of getting some water from the jug, but I didn't.

Dream Commentary of June 4, 2015

Internet dream-journalists do not meet in a physical place like the members of a church, yet sometimes they dream about each other. Great controversy rages as to whether these are actually meetings (called mutual dreams) or whether the meetings are simply comparable to thinking of someone (called shared dreams). Mutual dreams would be on the order of actually meeting with other-worldly beings such as angels or ghosts or demons. Shared dreams would be more symbolical or metaphorical, and the dreamer might assign specific meanings to the symbolical nuances of the meeting, thereby better understanding the relationship with the other dreamer.

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