Dream of: 28 August 1991 "Elegant Old Houses"

I was with a group of people all sitting in a row on high stools, apparently in some kind of class or conference. To my right was seated the black Dallas County Commissioner, John Wiley Price, whom I knew had recently been arrested by the police for some criminal conduct. I felt sorry for him and thought I might even give him some money to help him out. Perhaps I would slip him a hundred dollars.

Behind us was a bed in which a sick woman had earlier been lying. I turned around to look at the bed and saw that Price was now lying in it, all covered up except for his upper body. When I moved from my stool and sat on the foot of the bed, Price gave me an obviously dissatisfied look. I shook my hand in disgust at him and returned to my stool, thinking that I clearly wasn't going to help him out now.

I sat next to a black woman (probably in her early 20s) who became the focus of my attention. She was thin and wore glasses. I had known her quite a while and never paid much attention to her, but now I found her intriguing. When I imagined what it would be like to put my arms around her waist and pull her to me, I found the thought quite satisfying. I knew I was married and wondered how I could accomplish such a thing. If we were in public in a car for example, a white man and a black woman together would be conspicuous.

We talked for a while and when it finally came time to leave, I thought I might walk her home. I asked her where she lived and was told me she only lived about a block away. I began imagining where we were and where we would go to get to her house. I could see the street, which was congested with traffic even though it was somewhat of a residential area. Down the end of one street in front of me somewhat to my right I could see a huge building made of dark red brick which looked like either a castle or a church. I thought I would like to see it closer, if possible. I was standing on one side of the busy street from which cars appeared to be coming from all directions, but suddenly the light changed and all traffic in the intersection stopped. I began walking across, taking my time, thinking it would be a while before the light changed. But it was so unusually far across the intersection, and I was walking so slowly, that before I knew it the light changed and the cars began moving. I tried to run but was slowed down by a small wicker basket which I was carrying in my right hand. The wind was blowing and would catch in the basket, pulling me back. I manipulated the basket until the wind wasn't catching in it, and I finally made it to the other side of the street.

Now I could no longer see the large building I had seen before, and was slightly disoriented. I continued walking down the street thinking eventually I would get to where I was going. I noticed several nice houses made of red bricks, and one which was made of large red bricks almost like blocks. As I passed one I noticed that one of the windows on the first floor on the porch had also been bricked closed. It hadn't been done perfectly, but was adequate. It occurred to me that laying brick should not be that difficult and that I certainly should be able to do it if I wanted. It was even conceivable that when I went to Mexico, I could myself build me a house from bricks. I might even take some kind of course to learn how to lay the bricks. After building the house I could live in it for a while, and then later sell it.

When I looked around me again, I realized I was no longer on the street, but apparently had strayed into an old, abandoned house, which apparently was being refurbished. I could see evidence that work was being done, and I even saw some men working, although they didn't see me. I wondered what it would take to put the electricity into a house like that. I wanted to get out before anyone saw me and I began asking myself what I was doing there. Plus I was a bit apprehensive. It would be possible for someone to try to kill me in there and there would be no one to help me. When I saw some open windows, I climbed through one out onto the porch.

I was surprised by the attractiveness of the area outside. All around were green trees, and in front right below me in a small valley was a lake, divided in two by a dam. One side of the lake appeared to be full of water, while the other was empty, with numerous people working on something there. In fact the whole area had people working in it. When I looked back at the house, I realized it wasn't a house, but an apartment building painted light blue. All the apartments were in disrepair and were being worked on. I thought it would be a nice place to live when it was finished, but would probably be expensive.

The hustle and bustle of so many people working caught me by surprise. It took me a while to realize what was happening. This was a run-down section of town which was being cleaned up because the president of the United States was going to come there several hours later that very evening to give a speech. In fact when I looked back at where the lake was, it was now a grassy field, and in the middle of it, people were constructing a platform from which the president apparently would speak. It looked as if it would be pleasant to sit in the field and listen to the speech. I would like to do it, but I knew I still has some pressing tasks to perform and doubted I would be able to.

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