Dream of: 27 August 1991 (2) "Land Development"

I was watching what appeared to be a film about land development. The camera shots had been taken from an airplane and showed many buildings over which the plane had flown. The commentator explained where the land and buildings were, and at first I thought the film was about land development throughout the United States, but I slowly realized most of the shots seemed to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and finally only in Fort Worth. Gradually the film seemed to center in on north Fort Worth on scenes which I recognized. Beautiful, new, abstract buildings, some of which looked like surreal toys, came into view. I remembered having seen the buildings before, but never from the angles I was now seeing them. I became quite absorbed in what I was beholding, until I slowly came to realize I was actually in the plane looking out over the buildings as we passed. I seemed to be lying in a bed on the plane and was able to look out through an open window. I reflected how I had flown over the buildings before, but never so low and close to them. One group of buildings in particular caught my attention because they seemed to be on a promontory which stuck out into a body of water. It reminded me a lot of the southern tip of Manhattan Island. Continuing on, I noticed two sets of two statues each on the ground. One set seemed made of white metal and one figure was an abstract-looking horse.

The plane continued eastward over north Fort Worth in the direction of Dallas county. Right before reaching the county line, the landscape below us abruptly changed to a large area of green vacant fields with trees growing along the fence lines. The commentator was still explaining the sights, and said the area had been marked for development by its owners. But to everyone's surprise, when permission for development had been sought from the authorities in Tarrant county, permission had been denied by a vote of seven to nothing. It occurred to me that the land might be earmarked for a large park. Subsequently, in retaliation of the denial of development, two of the land owners had refused to pay property taxes for two years. Their names were then published in newspapers and possibly in billboards, with the amount of taxes they owed beside them. That seemed to me to be a futile way to protest, but apparently it had been effective.

I next saw what the area looked like 10-15 years later: completely developed and covered with houses, although many trees still covered the obviously rather exclusive, expensive homes. In fact in some areas the trees were so dense that the homes couldn't be seen. In other areas the homes were crowded together and highly visible. The commentator continued to describe what had taken place. Part of the area was quite hilly, and the commentator explained that some people had made the mistake of building their homes on the sides of rather steep hills, thereby leaving the houses open to the possibility of falling down the hills.

I followed a long windy white cement path along the base of one hill, until I was able to see some of the houses above me perched on the side of the hill. I continued along the path up the hill, until I reached a road which had houses on both sides. Ahead of me to my left I could see the top of an enormous, white, brick house which appeared to be leaning somewhat to the left. Behind it I could see tall white smokestacks of some kind of factory; the smokestacks were straight compared to the side of the house. To test my perception, I held a string with a plumb on it at arms length in front of my face and looked at both one of the smokestacks and the side of the house along the edge of the string. The smokestack proved to be perfectly vertical when seen against the plumbed string, whereas the side of the house indeed was leaning.

When I reached the house I could see that it sat a ways below the road. As I looked down on it, I especially remarked that some kind of carbon or soot had accumulated on the top of it, which made it look particularly bad. Sitting parked next to it was a large recreation vehicle which likewise seemed to have soot on it. Searching for the source of the soot with my eyes, I finally saw that behind the house was a rather large device which was apparently a heating and air conditioning unit for that house and probably for another one. What was strange was that it appeared that it had a furnace in the bottom of it which looked to be powered by coal. I wondered if someone came out every day and shoveled coal into it. I saw a door where it looked like the coal would be shoveled in. And it looked as if there might even be some cooking equipment back there so that when the fire was going food could be prepared.

Somehow in my curiosity to know more, I entered the house, Once inside I seemed mainly concerned with not being discovered here. It was unclear whether I stayed a long time or not, but suddenly I felt I must leave and I walked out onto the front porch.

But on the porch it was as if I were watching another person instead of myself coming out of the house. And that person was my first cousin Randy. Randy was surprised to see sitting on the porch a high school football coach from a neighboring school. Although the man hadn't been Randy's coach, he recognized Randy, and Randy was flattered by that. Apparently the coach had thought Randy had been an excellent football player in high school, although he had only seen him play once. That was two years ago. Now Randy was in college, and regretfully in a college which didn't have a football team.

Randy explained that fact to the coach, who seemed to think that if Randy was playing college football, he would excel at it. The coach stood and said he wanted to show Randy something, and as they walked toward the coach's car, he kept talking about football and what records Randy could be setting if he were playing football. The gist was that it was definitely not to late for Randy to still play football if he wanted to. Reaching the car the coach pulled out what looked like a small newspaper magazine about football and handed it to Randy. Randy saw some columns with figures on it. Over the columns were some abbreviations of letters which explained what were in the columns. One abbreviation was "a.u." which meant "to you" and referred to the number of balls which had been thrown to someone.

Another word which was explained was "tish." The explanation said, "Why is the object of every thought of a football player on the tish of a girl?"

I realized the word "tish" was synonymous for "butt."

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