Dream of: 27 August 1991 "Making Bail"

While visiting the inside of a prison, I saw one of my bankruptcy clients and spoke with him. He was a black man (perhaps 30 years old) who explained to me that a few days earlier, after having had an altercation with some other men whom he feared, he had been arrested. I asked him about his job and he said he had lost it because he had been unable to go to work due to the arrest. He didn't have the $200 he would need to make bail. I thought he would probably also lose his home because now he wouldn't be able to make his bankruptcy payments.

I walked on because I wanted to see if another of my clients was in prison. It occurred to me that I might ought to put up the bail money for the two clients in prison. It would only cost $200 apiece plus a $25 fee. And in fact I did arrange to put up the money.

I came to a section of the prison where several inmates were gathered, and I was surprised to find my former high school classmate Wittenburg there. I spoke to him and I rather indelicately asked him what he was in for. He explained that he had had several convictions over the years, the first one dating back to 1971. As he began telling me about it, I also noticed my junior high school schoolmate, Stevens, was also a prisoner. Somewhat embarrassed by just how to approach Stevens, I finally embraced him with my arms. I felt rather sorry for both Wittenburg and Stevens. I knew being in prison and not being able to leave (as I shortly would do) must be tough. I wondered if the people convicted of misdemeanors and felonies were all incarcerated together. I also wondered if Coky Caudel (another former Portsmouth acquaintance) was, or had been, in the prison.

After I left them and began walking down a long corridor, I heard my name over the loudspeaker. Apparently I needed to finish up the bail process for my two clients. I also had the feeling that the first black client was apprehensive about leaving the prison because he was afraid of encountering the people he had had the fight with. But I thought he shouldn't just try to hide in the prison.

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