Dream of: 26 August 1991 (2) "Ants In The Attic"

I was in the attic of the Gay Street House. I had a cover and was planning to stay there. There was a place where I could crawl under the floor of the attic, hide from everyone and live there for a while. I thought I needed to look for a can so I would have something to urinate in while in the hole.

Before I was able to crawl under the floor, however, my father and some other people came up into the attic. They began rummaging through things in the attic and they simply wouldn't leave. I was perturbed, because I didn't want them to see where I was going to hide. Just when it looked as if they were going to leave, I noticed some large black ants had crawled onto my cover (which I had thrown onto the floor) and I pointed out the ants to my father. The ants (piled together in a heap) started to move all together off the cover. One ant in the center looked a bit like a grape, and appeared to be the queen ant. The other ants appeared to be blowing and sucking on the queen ant. At one point the queen expanded almost as large as a basketball, then deflated to almost nothing. I thought if I killed the queen it would take care of the whole problem; but I didn't want to do that.

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