Dream of: 25 August 1991 "Bear In A Tree"

While driving a car in Portsmouth, I arrived at a place where I had never been before. I had found a small street with few houses and many trees. The trees particularly interested me, because two were gigantic and appeared to be redwoods. There was another large tree which appeared to be a maple which had a dead branch near the base which hadn't fallen off. The area was elevated so I could see part of the city. I knew other similar places were in Portsmouth and I thought I would also like to see them.

I finally turned around in front of one house and I headed back out down the street. I suddenly saw in the middle of the street near another house another large dead tree. The top of the tree was missing, and I saw a large hole in the tree near its top. I also saw a large hole in the tree near its base, and I recalled that I had heard that a large bear lived in the tree. After walking by the tree, I looked back and saw the head of the bear in the hole at the top of the tree. I was afraid. I wasn't now in the car and I began running. I could hear the bear following me. I ran and ran. The road divided in two directions in some place, and I didn't know which way to go. I finally came to a dead end. There was so much brush that I couldn't go on. I waited, but I didn't see the bear.

Fearfully I walked back up the road to where it had divided. I went down the other way and kept going until I reached a populated area and I felt safer.

I recognized the spot as a place in Portsmouth where I had heard that only Catholics lived. The houses were large and new, and I saw a school which I thought was only for Catholics. I walked into the school and on a table I saw a type of calendar which described certain events which were going to occur. I thought I would take the calendar with me.

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