Dream of: 16 August 1991 (3) "Looming Mountains"

I was living in a house with my sister (14-15 years old) and a second sister. I thought about how little I knew about the second sister, whose name seemed to be Sherry. She was sitting in the next room, talking to someone on the phone and I thought I should try to get to know her better, since I knew practically nothing about her. Perhaps I should write her a letter. I thought she was about 16 years old and had a boyfriend. She was probably talking with him on the phone.


I was walking outside thinking about my sister who I barely knew. She might have even been walking with me. I seemed to be listening to her talk. She spoke of her life and said she didn't drink much anymore, even though the amount of alcohol which was now allowed to be put in drinks had been increased. She said she didn't try as often anymore to get people to give her money.


I came to a large walking bridge with a wooden floor which went across a large river. I was naked from the waist up, although I was carrying a sweater with me. I took a run, and began sliding along on the bridge as if I were skiing. I was wearing tennis shoes. I picked up speed as if I were on roller skates. I was able to go fairly fast until I reached the middle of the bridge, when the slope turned downward, and I picked up even more speed. A man and woman in front or me were wearing roller skates. As my speed picked up, they kept on going, but I tried to slow down. At the bottom at the end of the bridge I could see two poles sticking up. The man and the woman went past them, but I slowed down until I came to a stop right beside them.

I turned around and began going back up the bridge. I began trying to put on my sweater, which had some kind of design on its front, but I was having a difficult time. I thought I might return to the other side of the bridge and then come back over again. Another fellow was walking on the bridge, and a woman (about 18-19 years old) was also walking on the bridge. At first I didn't think she was attractive, but when I looked at her again, I realized she was quite pretty. She was going in the same direction as I. It was a rather laborious climb. I heard her say something, but I didn't quite understand her. So I asked, "What?"

She repeated, "I wonder what I will do next."

It occurred to me that she, like I, was a tourist in this strange city. On the other side of the bridge, from the direction I had originally come, I could see some mountains. Even before the girl had spoken, I had been thinking of climbing one of the mountains. The day before I had started to climb one of the mountains, but it had become dark, and I hadn't been able to finish. Now I thought I definitely wanted to climb one. I told the girl that I intended to climb one of the mountains, and that if she wanted to, she could go with me. I thought she might go, but she seemed surprised to think I would want to climb one of the mountains. It didn't appear to be the type of thing she would want to do.

We continued walking and we talked about the bridge, which I knew had been built in 1882. I tried to remember who had been elected president of the United States in 1882.

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