Dream of: 16 August 1991 (2) "Patches Of Coal"

I was in a forest area, apparently a large park, walking on a dirt road up a mountain. I knew Dr. Weinstein and Mrs. Weinstein (parents of my old friend Weinstein) lived somewhere on the mountain. I had heard many people came to this park to visit and camp. I figured the Weinsteins probably resented so many people coming to camp here. As I looked at some of the trees I passed, I thought how the trees probably meant more to the Weinsteins than to people who just visited. The Weinsteins probably knew each tree. Finally I cut off the road and began taking a path through the woods. Up ahead I could hear people talking. I thought it might be dangerous meeting people here, but I wasn't too concerned.

I came to a lake on my right. In my arms I was carrying a sleeping bag, and I was also carrying a little metal instrument used for digging. I wanted to dig up some dirt and rocks, to see if I could find anything pretty. I knew some people could dig up rocks and know a lot about them; but since I didn't know the geological value of rocks, I thought I might just find something interesting. I might even find some shells or petrified shells.

I began digging, until I noticed someone else near me and I moved on. I saw a small cliff beside the lake and dug there for a while. Again I moved on and began moving to another spot. I noticed something black in the ground and realized it was coal. I dug some of it out. I thought it was interesting that small patches of coal would be here. As I dug, I heard a popping noise. I thought there might be something alive in the ground, and again I moved on.

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