Dream of: 14 August 1991 "Member Of State Legislature"

I was talking on the phone with Hobert (a Fort Worth attorney). Another woman was also on the line and we were having a three way conversation. Hobert had been quite impressed with the way I had handled a legal case, and he acted as if he would like to meet with me. Apparently he was going to go to a meeting this evening with some other members of the state legislature. The woman mentioned that she had tickets to the meeting. I knew I also had tickets to the meeting, and another person standing near me pulled out the tickets and showed them to me. I had already been invited by another member of the legislature to the meeting, which included a formal meal. Carolina and I were both going to go, and I thought I would meet Hobert there.

I knew both Hobert and the man who had invited me were black, but I didn't think they knew each other. I told Hobert I would meet him at the meeting. I knew I would have to get dressed up, but I thought that would be all right. Hobert sounded satisfied that he was going to see me there.

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