Dream of: 12 August 1991 (3) "Dead Body"

I had walked into a bedroom which might have been in a house where my father and my mother were living. A woman (perhaps 20 years old) living in the house was lying in the bed, wearing a nightgown. She had black hair and was definitely overweight. She looked at me as I stood in front of her and began undressing. I pulled off my pants, revealing my erect penis. I was quite aroused and I didn't believe the woman felt threatened by me or that she thought I was going to attempt to molest her. She looked right at my penis, obviously surprised by what I was doing. I hoped I might end up getting in bed and having sex with her, although it was unclear what I was going to do.


Later, in the same room, I discovered that another woman whom I had known had killed herself. There was nothing I could do. The body was under a cover. I knew the room was actually in a school, and that later a teacher would find the dead body.


As I was standing on the corner of a street, I noticed a woman whose back was to me. She had beautiful blonde hair tied up in a bun in back. She appeared to be wearing a long beige coat. Almost instinctively I recognized that she was Leah. When I walked toward her, she turned around and I spoke to her. We began walking along together and I told her how beautiful her hair looked. Indeed, she herself looked quite attractive and elegant. She replied that she used some kind of hair starch on her hair, and she suggested that I might even be able to use it. I thought I might try it.

We entered a building and boarded an elevator. We were headed to a class. Next to the class was a bedroom where I knew one of the students had killed herself during the night. The name of the girl wasn't completely clear to me. Several names went through my mind: Patsy Clinton, Debbie Kennedy, Tracy Ulman. I knew the teacher of the class – a woman – was going to discover that the girl had killed herself during the night and I told Leah the teacher was going to find a surprise in Tracy Ulman's room. I already knew about the surprise because I had already seen the body. Leah didn't actually know yet about what had happened, but I could tell she suspected it. Nevertheless, she didn't seem surprised or alarmed by.

As we finally walked into the room, I held Leah's hand. I was dressed in a black jacket, white shirt and tie. But I was also wearing a pair of brown pants. I looked fine from the waist up, but below the waist I looked rather shabby. Leah however didn't seem to mind being seen with me.


I had gotten out of my bed in the Fort Worth Rock House, and had walked into the front room to record a dream on my tape recorder. When I suddenly heard the phone ring several times, I became apprehensive and returned to the bedroom to ask Carolina if the phone was ringing. As I reached the bed, something alarmed me, and I jumped to the other side, where I grabbed my .38-caliber hand gun. Holding the gun near my head and pointed up into the air, I walked back into the living room. All the while I was thinking about how people's homes were broken into late at night, and how the police often chased people through the streets late at night and didn't catch them. Apprehensive that someone might be trying to break into the House, I tried to get ready for them with the gun.

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