Dream of: 12 August 1991 (2) "Shaving My Head"

I was lying in bed. On my right was lying my old schoolmate Clifford, and on the other side of him was lying my old friend Mike Walls (both appeared in their early 20s). The three of us apparently were living together. I was waiting for my wife Carolina (whose name I thought was Louise) to come home.  I told the other two that Louise would do anything I asked her to do, and I thought to myself that if I asked her to have sex with the other two, she probably would. I thought I might indeed ask her; but I thought whoever she had sex with would have to use a condom.

I rose and walked to the bathroom. When I lifted the commode seat, I saw several small packages in a row floating in the water. The one on top, which looked something like a paper cup floating upside down caught my attention; it was an empty package from which a condom had been extracted. Maybe there was a condom machine on the wall of the bathroom. I picked the package up and looked at it more closely. Some pictures and a price were on the package. Condoms used to be expensive, costing three or four dollars apiece; but the price was now two for eighty-some cents.

When Walls walked into the bathroom, I threw the package back into the commode. I worried he might see the movement of the package in the commode and realize I had been looking at it, but he didn't say anything.

We both stood in front of a mirror, and it occurred to me that I might like to shave all the hair off my head. We talked about the idea for a moment, and then I just decided to do it.


Walls, Clifford and I were once again in the bed with the covers pulled up over us. Clifford began talking about how he liked being naked, and I chimed in that I also liked being naked. We pulled the covers off us, revealing that we all were completely naked. We all three then pulled out razors and began shaving the hair off our heads. I reflected how bizarre our actions seemed. I also kept thinking Louise would soon be coming back and how she would see all three of us here naked. I would probably ask her to take her clothes off. I also thought about Clifford's wife Peggy, who also seemed to be living with us. What would happen if she took off all her clothes?

As I continued shaving, I began having trouble: my scalp seemed quite tender, and the hair didn't seem to want to come off. Walls was shaving his hair off in a jagged fashion, taking the hair off in different spots. Finally I told the others that I thought my problem was that my razor was too old. All three of us were using blue Bic razors. Even though it seemed that my razor was new and had never been used before, I thought I might get up and exchange it for another.

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