Dream of: 12 August 1991 "Pensil"

I had received a note or letter which directed me to go to a certain road and pick some flowers along its side. Apparently I would be paid for my efforts. Several children were with me, and since we were near the road we went there. We discovered a large number of purple flowers growing a ways off the road. I took what I thought was a short cut through some brush toward the flowers. But as I proceeded along, the path became smaller and smaller until I could barely squeeze through the brush. When I came out of the brush I was only a short ways from the flowers, and could see the other children also had almost reached the flowers. When I reached the flowers, I saw a woman standing near them, and I realized the flowers were in her yard. Although she didn't want us to pick the flowers, she picked a bouquet for each of us and gave it to us. I asked her if it would be possible for us to pick the flowers ourselves. I knew we would be able to sell them and get some money for them. But she adamantly refused.

As I examined more closely the bouquet I had been given, it appeared more like a balloon onto which the oval petals of the flowers had been pasted. The petals didn't even connect to anything. It took me an moment to realize that that was simply the way the flowers grew.

I also noticed some writing on the bouquet which named the flowers. At first I thought it said "penis" but then realized it said "pensil." It seemed like an unusual name for a flower.


I was thinking about the names of flowers and how names of flowers are sometimes used to describe people to insinuate that someone is weak. The flower "pansy" came to mind. Pansy was a flower, but was also used to describe someone who was weak. It also seemed as if the word "daisy" was used to indicate that someone was weak. I thought that might also be the case with the flower "pensil."


I was watching two strong fellows. It seemed one fellow had called the other fellow the name of a flower. They got into a fight and pounded and pounded on each other. Finally one pinned the other against the wall and kept hitting him until the fellow against the wall began sinking to the ground. Finally the other one backed off.

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