Dream of: 11 August 1991 "Synagogue On Television"

the plot of a dream is a symbol

As I walked on a sidewalk down a city street, I noticed on my left an area where plants were growing in little boxes which appeared to contain mostly small rocks. I also noticed anthills constructed of light-colored sand in the boxes. It looked as if large red ants had built the anthills. I kicked one anthill, knocked it down, walked on, and kicked over another. Finally I came to an anthill which rose up like a large circular tube about 20 centimeters in diameter and about 10 centimeters high. Instead of being made of sand, it was made of small rocks. I picked up a small rock and threw it at the structure. Instead of knocking down the structure, the rocks I threw simply lodged in the side and became part of it. Finally however I hit the structure and was able to knock it down.

I continued walking down the street, which was rather pleasant with small stores along it. I noticed a collie coming toward me and I said something to it. Suddenly it ran to me and attacked my legs. When I fell to the ground, I could not discern whether the dog was holding my legs with its legs, or with its mouth. I struggled until I freed myself from it and chased it away.

I ended up in a large, white, room where I was apparently going to be staying. The only thing in the room was a television, which I plugged in and began to watch. A show came on which showed an old man and woman sitting in what appeared to be a church, but which was apparently a synagogue because they were both Jewish. Another man who was apparently their spiritual counselor was talking with the two. The old man and woman were preparing to go on a trip around the world, and the counselor was telling them that they would first have to contribute some money to the place where they were. The counselor said they were going to be amazed by how much money would need to be contributed. The counselor then walked out of the room.

A second man stepped up and quickly told the old man and woman that the amount of money would be two billion dollars. The woman acted surprised and said it would have been better if it had been a billion dollars. Apparently, however, they were quite rich, and after discussing the matter for a while, they agreed to pay the two billion dollars.

The scene on the television changed to some kind of logo, and I realized I had just seen the first scene of a movie, the name of which was "Limousines." Apparently the movie was going to be about those two very rich people. It looked as if it was going to be a good movie, and I would have liked to have taped it. I wished I had a video cassette recorder with me.

Dream Commentary of June 4, 2015

Belief in spiritual guides and angels seems common enough among internet dream-journalists. Yet once again, just as the angel who wrestled with Jacob was probably only a metaphor, perhaps the spirits which appear in dreams are simply imaginary with no real substance. Perhaps not. One perpetual question concerning dreams seems to be whether we actually have contact with other-worldly beings. Contact with the other world may even be a central reason for a group of people - such as in a church - to join forces. So also internet dream-journalists - the chosen people.

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