Dream of: 10 August 1991 "Shovel In Church"

churches must have foundations

I had gone to a Baptist church with my first cousin Randy (whom I was visiting) and a couple other people. I had been in the church the week before and I was now visiting it for the second time. The church had only one floor, which was full of people, many of whom appeared to be wearing colorful clothing.

I was carrying a shovel with me. The week before I hadn't had a shovel, but I had learned that I would need one while I was in church. The shovel was somewhat unwieldy, and I felt rather awkward carrying it.

After I was in the church, something distracted me, and I lost track of Randy and the others who had come with me. Being unable to spot them, I finally sat by myself in one of the back pews, and I searched for the others with my eyes, but was still unable to see them.

After the service finished, I noticed my paternal grandmother Mabel Stevens (1908-1997) standing in the back of the church talking with a woman who apparently was Mabel's sister. Both were wearing dresses. As I observed them, I tried to see the resemblance between them. I thought how I rarely saw Mabel's sister anymore. I probably should visit with them more.

Dream Commentary of April 18, 2015

The Dream Journal offers a level of interaction between people that seems to surpass the level of interaction which people in a church experience. At the same time, many in the Dream Journal hardly interact at all and live confined in their separate worlds. How many people on the Dream Journal know the names of the parents of any other dream-journalist, let alone their four grandparents? These are confidences which are commonly shared in a church where people at least are not ashamed of who they are. Or is it a matter of fear? Dream-journalists have already offered so much of who they are in their secret selves, perhaps they fear having someone know their real identities and ancestry.

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